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Side tracked, loose ends
« on: February 08, 2022, 12:09:58 pm »
I finished my precarve from hell Haines rifle but it shot poorly, I noticed the front barrel pin was in a bind when I tried to pull it, I also noticed the barrel had moved back as it settled in after about 50 shots, I had to relieve just a little wood at the back of the tang, this move back may have caused the pin pinch. When I pulled the barrel I found I had neglected to slot the hole. A little work with my Dremel with a small diamond bit and I could push the pin in and pull it out of the stock with my fingers. I missed with my first hole so I drilled the next one deeper, I may plug the extra hole or change out the underlug in the future.

Somehow I installed the trigger guard with a gap between the return and the trigger plate, a very small gap but it bugged me. I needed to plug the hole in the lug, redrill the pin hole and install the trigger guard correctly

I drilled the pin hole out for an 8-32 tap and threaded the hole. I threaded the shank of a brass wood screw to 8-32, filled the screw threads and threads in the lug with solder paste and screwed the newly threaded shank into the hole. Heating the lug with my torch soldered the screw into place.

A little clean up and the new hole marked to drill.

The trigger guard in place and pinned without a gap, I seem to find a way to bleed on every shop project.