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Buck and doe deer leg belt pouches

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I had started this thread back in March,but because there was no comments for over 120 days on it I can't bring it up.
So I'll start a new thread.
Sewed these up today using some smoked brain tan.I gave them side gussets to hold more stuff.
Perfect for my check book at the moment.
I'll more than likely bead on them later.

I got 4 of these sized pouches from one small hide. I showed 2 badger belt pouches some time ago too.:-D

Yooper Bowyer:
Nice, do you have any recommendations for learning beading?  books, you-tube channels, etc.?

Beautiful work Ed as usual for you. Pappy

Yooper Bowyer....These 2 books should get you started.Both show different techniques of beading and designs.Materials and tools needed.Traditional is the way to go.
The blue book will show the technique of quill wrapping as well.
Stay with it and be patient.Books cost about $10.00/piece at the time.

If you would like to know where I get the needles,thread,and beads PM me.

Thanks Pappy...Unusually hot today.Found something to do inside.


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