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Elk leg possibles pouch

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An  8" by 8" elk leg pouch with a round braided strap made with heavy brain tanned elk with buffalo hair cones down each side.

I'll do a little beadwork on this one with a key hole design using the four direction colors.Yellow to the east,red to the west,green to the south,and white to the north.No button closure will be needed.

I may bead a couple crosses on it also.
It's made into the same concept as the buffalo tipi bags with fringe on it's sides.

Glad to finish this one up as deer season opens in just a few days.I've worn it around target shooting and it wears very conveniently.

I would say if anybody wants to get into this related thing I'd get myself The Books of Buckskinning series of books number 1 through 8.All sorts of skills shown in there and enjoyable to make.

Very nice Ed as usual. Pappy

Thanks Pappy...
It would be cool to see more of these skills out there.As there are some real artists out there far beyond the projects that I've shown.

Pat B:
Very cool bags, Ed.   :OK


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