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Primitive wrist sling
« on: September 28, 2022, 07:46:09 pm »
Yes, that's right. I have added a wrist sling to my rig. I did it because I hold the bow against the thumb half of my hand with the tip of the index and middle finger only. This is giving me a light grip with no input into the shot, except when I subconsciously panic and grip the bow quick when it goes off so as not to drop it. I can avoid that by assuring myself it won't happen and tightening my grip just slightly but this solved all of that as if by magic. I'm so happy with how this is working, I might go to a index finger hold only. I can grip as light as I please and the bow is permanently tethered to my wrist. Shot throughout the day with it. All it is, is a small strap of leather which I tied around bow leather handle grip and made an adjustable loop for my wrist. Here are photos.