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Jazzed up badger belt pouch

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Some time ago I made up a couple of badger belt pouches.

Robins' cousin down in southern Arkansas who's gotten me some good rock elm before suggested to me that he could get an alligator gar for me for a quiver in some kind of trade.So I sent him the second pictured one with the rosette beadwork and claws on the flap.
Look forward to that trade.
I jazzed up the badger faced belt pouch with a little beadwork now too with a couple tin coned leather laces out of his eyes.
A 5" long hour glass figurine cheyenne lazy stitched out of #11 cobalt blue and crow pale blue beads.I used nymo thread and a no.12 sharps beading needle.

A better close up of the work.

Picture showing backside of leather.Stitches are sewn halfway through leather not going through.A traditional way of applying the beadwork.

Added a little more beadwork.Fairly satisfied with the outcome of this one.The cheyenne lazy stitch used.

Really well done Sir.  :OK

WOW another nice bag, that's a beauty.


Thanks fellas.I think I've got enough bags now.....ha ha.I don't have a coon one hanging around any more though as I sold them.
I'd better concentrate on getting a shot at a few deer now.


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