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Some quillwork


I did a little trade with a friend of mine I've been getting to know from Germany.
A quill worker that displays an attention to detail second to none.He said he was a little rusty doing these items since he had'nt quilled in about 10 years.I told him if that's your rusty version I'd like to see your stainless steel version....ha ha.
Someday I hope to display quillwork as nice as this.
It's actually quilled on a hide that was what they call german tanned.
That's a process of soaking rawhide in cod liver oil for a long period of time.A rather expensive type of tan,but the results are a very soft leather.
He naturally dyes all of his quills also.

I will send him something of like value soon.

That's some beautiful work. :)

that's a work of art
Do you know if he uses us imported porcupine quills?
I read somewhere that old world porcupine (Hystrix cristata) quills are not suitable for that kind of works

Pat B:
Beautiful quill work. I've tried my hand at quill work but it's above my pay grade.  :o

He's pretty much a self taught individual from a book far as I know.Has a shop in the area he can get supplies from.
He actually started out quilling first.Then learned to bead.The exact opposite of me.


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