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It's quite a while since i started fiddling with natural fibers, dyeing and weaving.
I approached the backstrap weaving technique that is common all around the world in many primitive cultures
Despite its versatility it's not always comfortable for occasional weaving in modern world where life keeps imposing you breaks.
So I made myself a more modern Inkle Loom. A compact, portable, inexpensive loom primarily aimed at weaving long (up to 4 yards in my case) and narrow (up to approx 8 inches) bands of fabric. It's ideal to make belts, straps, decorative strips, even tubolar shoe laces.
Both the building of the loom and the basic weaving techniques are really, really easy to make while there is space for more complex weaving that could produce astonishing results and patterns
Just wanted to point your attention to this tools as there are many primitive crafts that can definetly be made or ornated with this weavings
In the left side of the attached picture you can see the narrow test strip that is forming. 
Oh... and the tensioning peg is made out of leftover from a yew bow  ;D  (SH)

Pat B:
Very cool. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.  :OK

Gliz, I made an Inkle loom very similar to yours a couple of years ago, here is a picture of a few items that I made. The hat band was my first attempt and is wool yarn , later learned to get a differnt type of yarn and things got better with experience and learning tension and a very helpful lady friend. My sash and leg ties are my veterans colors of Vietnam War ribbons, my lady friend made some extradentary color and patterns, She still has my loom and is an excellent with it and can really knock stuff out in a hurry. I have sinced moved on to try my hand at quill work but I can see the learning curve is long and steep and my old hands are not helping on my new endeavor. Anxiously waiting to see some of your loom work, Bob (=)

very nice work there Bob.
I'm still working with rough twine to make my tests. I see you used wool. I'm planning to try some cotton.
I ended with about 2 yards out of my thin ribbon test then i tried my hand at tablet weaving on the inkle loom and
made a small pocket knife sheat by folding two times and sewing a short ribbon

Glis , the wool was hard to work with wants to stick to upper and lower shed. Bob


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