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mixing sinew types?


Morning!  I find myself about to start a new juniper bow project (I would just say a juniper bow, but that might be a bit optimistic).  I have quite a bit of bison sinew, a good pile of elk tendons, and a little bit of pronghorn.  Is there any problem with mixing sinew from different types of animals?  I can't imagine why there would be, but thought I'd check with the experts.

Any insights and wisdom appreciated!

I would think it doesn't make a difference but others may have a different opinion.

Pat B:
I've mixed deer and bison and didn't notice any difference.

Same here.  I mix it all the time. So long as itís clean and fat free I think your good.  Iíve even mixed back sinew and leg tendon.  Once itís all broken down itís essentially the same for our purposes. 


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