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Can anyone direct me to a source to get rawhide bow strings?


Pat B:
You'll probably have to make one yourself. I've never made one but I doubt it's very difficult. Maybe someone will come on and help with how to do it.

Don't know how to do it, but remember reading that Woodchuck Hides were prized here in the Great Lakes area. Was considered the "Primo" Material. Bob

I have heard the same thing Bob and have a couple in rawhide just in case I decide to do one some day.

Squirrel rawhide is tough as can be,easy to find purty much everywhere  I made a 3 strand squirrel rawhide string put it on a little hackberry bow,I bet I've put 10,000 shots thru it with no issues,I admit I live where it's low humidity so that's not a issue either,it's about a 45lb bow at my draw,hope this helps,Mule


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