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Here's a camp box made for myself that has served me well for camping extended periods of time.Everything a person can need can be stored in here for a kitchen.
All your dry goods like bacon fat or crisco,salt,pepper,spices,biscuit mix,pancake mix,beans,and rice are stored in horn,birch bark,and rawhide containers on top along with your eating and drinking utensils.A shelf next down for wooden and tin plates and bowls.Another lower shelf for pots and pans,spatula and long forks and a cutting board to cut up meat and vegetables.
Other things like the 14" dutch oven,camp fire grate,and trivet set up not shown packed in a different box.
All that's left to get is fresh meat be it fish,bird,squirrel,or deer.
These can be made from any old pine boards and serve the same purpose.I made mine out of walnut.

Real cool Ed ! Bob

osage outlaw:
That's pretty neat!

I like that a lot, I have a box for that kind of stuff but not nearly as well organized as that one.Nice work Ed. :)

Nice, Ed! Looks like my Muzzleloading box.


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