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IMO a real artist

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My acquaintance overseas surprised me through trading with a package.I've seen a lot of quillwork but this fellas' level most do not come to.
This medicine bag,strike-a-lite pouch,effigy,and medicine wheel are of a quality many do not see.Let alone own.
A 4 winds design and colors on the medicine bag with a 5" quilled rossete and parallel quillwork and beadwork and parallel wrapping done on the wheel.Sawtooth and quill wrapping design done on the turtle effigy. Parallel design quilling and beadwork done on the strike-a-lite pouch.
All adorned with dyed horse hair tassles.
Outstanding work.He is modest fella and says he's working himself back into form.He makes some beautiful knives also.

He also naturally dyes all of his own quills prior.

Pat B:
Beautiful quill work. I've tried it and it's not easy to do quill work and have it come out decent much less as fine as this is.   :OK

That is great work!  And he is just getting back in shape!?

Awesome works. Attention to details, precision and pure good taste.  :OK :OK :OK

Beautiful work.


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