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thoughts on this tiller
« on: June 26, 2023, 12:21:21 pm »
Just about got this to brace height, but I have not actually braced it yet.  According to the gizmo, the centre is fractionally too strong, and looking at it, I think the left tip might be too strong also.  How do you manage when the gizmo can't reach the centre/tip? The gizmo I am using is only 5" long with the corners cut back to the centre but it still can't mark off the last 3" of the limbs.

Anyway, the centre 3" of this design should be non-working, the tips should be slightly stiff, a constant taper for thickness and width should lead to an ELB arc-of-circle shape.  The lath took 10mm of set in the centre of each limb at the beginning of the tillering process but no more set since.  I would welcome any thoughts/comments.