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osage crack
« on: March 06, 2024, 11:00:26 pm »
Hey all,
I have this bow that I heated up too quickly and a crack formed. As you can see from the picture there is a crack that goes against the grain on the belly side of the bow. This bow has been shot and I can't hear any ticks or anything from it. Is it a risk to shoot when it goes against the grain like that? If y'all have any advice that would be great as I am relatively new to bow making.
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Re: osage crack
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I donít see a picture fyi
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Re: osage crack
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no pic
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Re: osage crack
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Donít see pictures. Probably need to resize them

Only thing I can say is a crack on belly side isnít as scary as one on back.

It could come from several things.

If itís from a compression fret you donít want to remove wood there. It would indicate that it is bending to much there already

If itís a drying crack running with the grain it probably isnít a problem. Just soak with thin super glue

If itís a crack from bending limb backwards while heating it might be able to be fixed or removed depending on how much tillering you need yet.

Pictures would really help

Good luck at this point I wouldnít give up

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