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« on: May 18, 2024, 10:45:12 am »
I haunt the Facebook Marketplace, mostly for good deals on canning jars, used 20# propane bottles for a song and anything else that catches my eye.

I saw this lot for sale this week for $100, the molds and dipper alone are worth $100. If I keep this stuff I will need to find a .45 barrel for my TC Hawken. I have two TC Hawkens, one in .50 and .54 but not in .45

I met the guy and it turned out he was settling his dad's estate and wanted to get rid of a lot more stuff so he thew it in on deal. Black powder never goes bad, I suspect this full can of 2F is from the 60s along with 5 tins of #11 caps, the price tag on the can is $4.95. I asked if he wanted to sell his dad's gun but he wanted to hold on to it. With the 13/16" TC breechplug wrench in the box the gun has to be a Senica or Cherokee which are more valuable than the Hawken or Renegade.

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Re: Score!
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2024, 12:24:58 am »
Nice score!

Have you thought about inviting him out to shoot his father's gun in remembrance? You could give him pointers on feeding and cleaning so that this legacy gun isn't as likely to turn to scrap.
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Re: Score!
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2024, 03:10:57 pm »
You made out good for sure. I love finding old goodies cheap!
I picked up a Traditions Silver Fox, .54 caliber this past weekend for $90 at a yard sale. I know it's not a traditional sidelock but couldn't pass it up for the price. Now I'm on the lookout for a .53 Round ball mold.
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Re: Score!
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2024, 09:46:41 am »
I have three .54s, they all prefer a .530 ball and .018 pocket drill patch. I tried #40 pocket drill cloth from Joann's a couple of years ago, it is really tough stuff, I will never go back to ticking after using it. All of my .54s shoot better with a stouter load, I use 80gr of 2F in my GM and Rice barreled guns and 85gr of 2F in my Hoyt rebored gun. I coned 2 out of the 3 with a Joe Woods coning tool for easier loading.

I have a lot of molds; I like the new CNC made Lee 2 cavity molds. A few years ago you could buy one for $19, they are now up to $38. Ebay has the best deal at $38 and free shipping, with TOW they cost a little less but you have to pay shipping. 

I bought a TC Gray Hawk at a flea market for $90 a few years ago, it was unfired. I didn't need it so I sold it for $225 a month or so later on the M/L Forum.
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