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What type of ink is used to note the specs on a selbow? I used Tru Oil as a finish. Should a finish coat be applied over the ink?

That’s what I do.  I use paint pens.  Oil based.  I’m sure permanent markers fine tip could work too but my preference is the paint pens by “craft smart”. They come in variety of Colors.  Tru oil can be applied over this or a spray coat clear coat too.  They hold up pretty good without covering too.   

Pat B:
I use Tru-Oil finish too. For writing on bows I use India ink and a quill pen or nib pen but first I spray satin poly where I write. When the poly dries and the ink dries I cover the writing with Tru-Oil first them spray the whole bow with satin poly to cut the shine of the Tru-Oil.

I have started using the Milwaukee brand Inkzall jobsite pen. They write well on wood and are bleed and resistant proof. I use the Ultra Fine Point model. They come 4 in a pack and are also great for general writing purposes around the home.

I do the same as Pat B



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