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Got my trade bow pretty much done and started thinking about what I wanted to do next. Found a really nice billet and was thinking about spliced together bow but couldnít find but one billet that I felt good about. Everything I was finding had little skinny rings except the Osage I harvested last fall. Started looking at some stuff piled back in the corner and found a pretty good looking piece with good rings that still had some sapwood on it but looked twisted but I figured it might straighten out if I chased it down to a good ring, which I did. And it worked out great. At this point I going to try and cut my splices and see how it works out. If I can get a decent job done with that Iíll probably be good. Never done it so wish me luck.
My bandsaw is only a 10 inches so I donít know if it will do it for me.
Going to do a little research on splicing before I give it a shot.

The darker one is the first one I found and the other one is the one I found basically in my junk pile

Those look like good candidates to me.  Canít wait to see it progress.  Hereís a pic of one of my last splice patterns I use.  Got it from here and drew it up.  Works great and good fit.  Your band saw will be fine.  Just make sure you set up you pieces well with a flat section and line them up good and straight with no twist and aligned good. When you have that good draw on your pattern or trace it or even glue it down and then cut keeping it flat. This will help in keeping to cuts parallel with other end of  splice cuts.  You can clean up cuts with files to fix minor issues too with getting good fit. 

Thanks Dave, I was gonna see if I could find this. I think Iíve seen it on here before. Iíll probably print that out and see what I can do with it

how's thick do you make your splice from back to belly?

No prob Mike.  I lay mi e out on thin cardboard and cut out separate pieces for each end.  The z portion I cut with exacto blade to get it little more precise.  The rest I cut with sizzors.  As far as thickness itís up to preference really depending on how thick you like your handles.  Some like a 2Ē thick handle but I personally like at least 2.5Ē.  Iíve got big paws.  You could always add a slab of handle wood to build up later too.  The key is getting the belly sections of you splice filed or sanded flat and parallel with each other before doing your cuts.  I like to clamp these sections down on a flat surface to ensure Iíve got things aligned and not twisted.  Hope this helps.  Good luck. 

It helps. Iíve always wondered how you guys get the back of the bows lined up with each other. I would think thatís the most important thing with splicing two limbs together. Along with a good fitting splice. I made a takedown bow with a metal sleeve joining the two limbs together and it turned out pretty good. Iím not going to rush with it. Iíve got some other things in the works.


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