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For the last couple months I have been reducing the weight on many of my self, and backed bows , so that I can continue shooting them. In the 35 lb range, and for target shooting at my club only. Not hunting. I have one arrow combo that I like to shoot from all of these bows. Most , but not all of the bows are strung with 8, or  10 strands of B55. The bows that are strung with low stretch BCYX, 652, and D97 will bare shaft tune nicely with my arrow. Saves on me buying different spine arrows. Not so with B55 material. Just thought it might help some of you out that are in the same situation as me. Good building, and shooting.

Pat B:
All I've ever used is B50, B55.

Not to high jack this post but.
I've got a spool of B 50 I bought probably 40 or more years ago. It seems to be okay still. Iíve used it since I started making bows and it hasnít broken any strings. So I guess itís still okay. Does it even have a shelf life?

Pat B you are missing out on some real performance.

Pat B:
The arrows always go where I want them to go.


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