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how do you upload pics?

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My computer skills are almost nill. Cut and paste isn't working so what's the secret? Couldn't get photobucket to work either.

Pat B:
The way I do it is to click on "Additional Options" below the reply box. This will pull up the search option for "my pictures" on your computer. Highlight the pic you want and "open" it and repeat with no more than 6 pics per post. As you can tell, I know about as much about computers as you.  ;)

ok, I almost got it. The pic I have is 818kb and the site says I can only have 200 kb. How would I go about changing that? Thank you for your help.

Justin Snyder:
You need to resize it using the software on your computer. 600x400 works great.  Or you can set up an account on something like photobucket. When you upload them there it will automatically resize them for you.  Then you click on the bottom link under your photo over there and it will copy it.  You come to the thread on PA where you want the picture and paste the link and the photo will show up after you hit post.  Justin

Pat B:
I had to set my camera to the "lowest Quality". This makes my pics 640x480 which works well on this site. When I tried to do it with the computer the pics always came out pixelated and blurry.   Pat


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