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Primitive archery growing in Britian

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Primitive Archery and in particular the Primitive Archery & Atlatl Society is growing in Britian.

We have now got 15 members and even our own teeshirts!

So, what do we do? We are all bow makers, atlatl throwers or otherwise involved in related ancient crafts. We have held public events at Flag Fen and now Butser Ancient Farm. We display the bows and arrows we have made, we work making new gear. The public really enjoy seeing things made and sking questions. We run a have-a-go session for archery and atlatl for a small charge. Quite a few people go away with the intention of starting up archery as a sport for themselves of their kids.

I hope it is OK to post about this recent event here, to help encourage more British Bowyers to join us?

Our events at Flag Fen and Butser ancient farm have been well recieved by both the venue staff and public who met us and had a go. It is amazing to see the positive response so many people have to simple bows and arrows. A real joy to see the enthusiasm of kids young and old when they shoot an arrow for the first time.
Following are some pictures from the Butser event last weekend. It is a really unique venue. It is essentiall a re-creation or reconstruction of an iron age farm. The big round house is quite amazing. I really enjoyed the unique chance to sleep in it.

Hopefully I will post some pics in the next bit.

Mark in England

The central feature of the farm is the large roundhouse.

You don't really get an idea of the size until you see it with people.

Here is a closer view of some of our members wearing our new PAAS teeshirts.

We split ourselves into those who were running the have-a-go and those who worked in the craft demonstration area. We changed over from time to time so no one did any one thing for too long.

Here Wally, who missed out on the earlier group picture explains about archery and perhaps his interesting head gear.

Wally is one of our characters who can be relied on to truly get into the spirit of things

Here are some of Peter's bows.

Some of Steve's bronze work

An Elm bow I was working on

Some general shots of the site, buildings etc. We plan on holding another event there later in the year so if you fancy joining in you would be very welcome.

So, if you are within travelling distance of the UK, want to meet up with fellow bowyers, like the unique venue we use and fancy sleeping in a building from the past, and of course are ready to have a good drink and chat around the fire in the evening get in contact, come along and join in.

Hope to see you and spread the fun of primitive archery.

Mark in England.

Cool ! looks like a lot of fun!  8)


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