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Rules, rules. Yeah we have to have a few rules but they're simple and straightforward so please read them and help make this site a great family friendly place to be.

Rule #1

NO discussion of politics

Rule #2

NO discussion of religion

Rule #3

Topics and posts should be related to primitive archery in some way. If you want to discuss other topics in life there are plenty of other places on the internet you can go. This place is about primitive archery. Discussions on the use of post-industrial materials (yes that means FG) is discouraged here.

Rule #4

This is a family oriented site and we want it to be child friendly so the use of curse words or foul language is not tolerated. Keep your language clean and respectful.

Rule #5

Play nice. Name calling and personal attacks on others character will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with someone, take it off-line and communicate with them via email or some other way but not here. You’re welcome to disagree, debate, even argue as long as you remain respectful.

Rule #6

No one is allowed to sell or promote their products on the Primitive Archer Message Boards, unless it is under the paid classified ad section of the board. You are still allowed to TRADE under the trading post.

Rule #7

No banners will be allowed as signatures.  Signatures can be a quote, name, etc.

Rule #8

Only paying advertisers (in the magazine or on the website) will be allowed to have links on their signature to their home page.
Rule #9

Please note that by posting to this forum you Give permission to “Bigger Than That Productions LLC” the owner of PRIMITIVE ARCHER® magazine to utilize your photographs, digital images, and descriptions in the publication of the magazine and it’s online counterparts.


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