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2017 Hunting Pics / Re: Hard liver shot doe found
« Last post by osage outlaw on Today at 06:08:12 pm »
 Nice shootin' Ed!
2017 Hunting Pics / Hard liver shot doe found
« Last post by BowEd on Today at 06:02:33 pm »
Put a good arrow through an old doe this evening.Been getting colder here waiting on Mr. Big to come by and it's about time I shot something for meat/rawhide/and sinew anyway.I've got another tag though.It was an 8 to 10 yard shot with my horn bow and a 568 grain self nocked dogwood with a 145 grain stos broadhead.Arrow was a pass through and hav'nt found the arrow yet.Look for it tomorrow.Robin found her around 60 to 70 yards from where it was shot.
Bows / Re: Bendy handle bow dimension ?
« Last post by jeffhalfrack on Today at 05:21:50 pm »
I would be happy with mid 40-50# jeffw
Bows / Re: Yew Bow Back from the Warped Grave
« Last post by Morgan on Today at 04:59:07 pm »
You made a fine bow out of that! Id definitely be proud of it.
Bows / Re: making a bow for a friend
« Last post by Morgan on Today at 04:48:46 pm »
Looking forward to seeing this progress. Love watching a bow come alive from a stick of wood.
Bows / Re: 1/4 Sawn vs flat sawn for laminates
« Last post by Stick Bender on Today at 04:00:29 pm »
Thanks Steve ,Dean Torges (RIP) thought pretty much along the same lines as you , it just seems more economical in my case to flat saw but if there was a huge difference I would have 1/4 sawn , & in my case with osage it's hard for me to find a complete pin free peaces for 1/4 sawn !
Bows / Re: 1/4 Sawn vs flat sawn for laminates
« Last post by Badger on Today at 03:45:37 pm »
  I think straight grain has less tendency to twist when drawn. As far as belly slats go I don't think it makes a lot of difference. I have heard 1/4 sawn is a little stiffer and flat sawn a bit more flexible. But I can't say I have noticed a difference.
Bows / Re: Plains Style Bow
« Last post by Morgan on Today at 03:42:23 pm »
Very impressive!!
Primitive Skills / Re: Life is good
« Last post by GlennM on Today at 03:20:37 pm »
Happy Thanksgiving to your clan Pappy and the rest on the Twin Oaks gang. Headed out in he morning to hunt with my daughter. She so busy with school we only get a few opportunities to go. Since she still has interest I capitalize every time. I heard Gary is moving into modern times and is texting now. Lol

English Warbow / Re: Hazel longbow, UPDATE: some pics
« Last post by Badger on Today at 03:19:33 pm »
   It is easy enough to check the draw weight without bracing the bow. Simply put a loose string on it and pull it down to desired draw weight. It will read the same thing if it were braced. I have been doing this for a few years now so don't tell me it won't work. If it reads 125 at 24" with a loose string it will read about 125 @ 24" if it were braced.
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