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Flight Bows / Re: FOC, center of pressure and performance
« Last post by willie on Today at 12:44:38 pm »
  I am getting an itch to build some arrows for distance shooting. Wading thru the physics and aerodynamics at present, quite a complex and fascinating study. Maybe I can apply some old learning about fluid mechanics, to a new endevor, now that I have the time.

Just curious if any  shooters can comment on shooting flight arrows at lesser angles or bow poundages. Having a suitable range nearby, where one does not loose too many arrows, seems to be desirable.

Thanks for taking the time to post your work, Alan. I am surprised to learn that some of your arrows  "have shot so well out of a such a large variety of bows." Seems to speak more to the qualities of the arrow it's self, than some of the exacting particulars of a bow, or how it is tuned.

And thanks for posting the spruce specs, as I am keeping my eye out for some primo local wood.
I was in there today and it is very hard to tell but from a certain angle it does seem to have those ridges, my cell phone camera is just not up to the task.  From the way the string sits in the nocks I'm just not sure if they are on the belly or back.  I have taken pics with a digital camera of all that exhibit several years ago and there were a lot more bows than what is now shown.  I just don't know where those pics are right now

There was another Haida bow in another section that looked very nice.
Bows / Re: Buckthorn Flatbow
« Last post by legend on Today at 12:36:17 pm »
Hey Jonas ,
Love the character and colour contrast to that bow
Bows / Re: confused about Bamboo horse bow
« Last post by legend on Today at 12:34:23 pm »
Thanks for comments Guys .
Yeh Willie I would buy the kit form , when I get round to it but at present I am taking my time trying to make a success of a self  / recurve bow from an English Elm stave .There is a good guy on the forum from the UK who lives near me and  who has built literally hundreds of bows and gives me some great advice on my newbe attempts . I am also following one of Gordons buildalongs which I find really good to follow .
Bows / Re: confused about Bamboo horse bow
« Last post by Stick Bender on Today at 12:21:56 pm »
There is a vid of Dave experimenting with sinew on his bow on utube if I remember right , don't remember the stats but worth a google search if your interested ! My guess is with the added mass unless you can get it to hold substantially more reflex it probably going to have a negative affect on speed  but that's just my 2 cents !
Trading Post / Re: ISO Garter Snake Skins
« Last post by Bryce (Pinecone) on Today at 12:20:44 pm »
Bryce...I'll keep a look out here.Usually they are long enough here and with red stripes.Some with just yellow stripes though too.

The yellow ones are kinda what I'm after. I'll shootbyah a pm
Flight Bows / Re: FOC, center of pressure and performance
« Last post by avcase on Today at 12:12:43 pm »
The split cane flight arrows are made from six splits off a Tonkin Cane bamboo culm or stalk that are shaped and glued together to form the arrow shaft.  The process is the same as used to make a split cane bamboo fly rod.

Deflection of the 26-1/8" long flight arrow shown above is about .57 inches with a 22 inch span and 2-pound weight.  So stiffness is similar to that measured on old Turkish flight arrows. A good spruce flight arrow would have to be about 0.313" diameter to match the spiny/stiffness of the 0.234" diameter split cane flight arrow.

This is interesting. The weight for my larger diameter spruce flight arrow and equivalent stiffness of the split cane Tonkin arrow is almost identical.

Bows / Re: confused about Bamboo horse bow
« Last post by willie on Today at 12:10:12 pm »
I see that he sells direct. Are you considering a kit? Might make for a nice build-a-long type thread.
Around the Campfire / Re: Two Pipes
« Last post by Zuma on Today at 12:08:55 pm »
Hopefully, this is the pipe I carved some years ago.  Did this with chipping blades, small hunting knife and hand held drill for the holes.  Will probably try the pipestone this winter amongst all the other things to do.  Don, not trying to steal the post, just seemed logical to post here.
Cool pipe. Is that a double header? lol
No problem posting anything on my threads. I thought that is what it's all about.
Bows / Re: Lost a few inches!!
« Last post by George Tsoukalas on Today at 11:51:21 am »
Pappy and Brad, I was helping someone make a bow. He must have been a good 6'3". I asked him his draw length and he said 29", I think. When I measured him it was 25". :) Jawge
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