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Bows / Re: Blunder fix?
« Last post by hoosierf on Today at 03:09:19 pm »
Did that once with hickory. The bow broke top and bottom limb simultaneously and left me holding just the handle. Be careful if you try to save it. Mine was not backed but rawhide or sinew would not have saved it.  Even more spectacular than an ERC blow.
Bows / Re: Decrowned Osage limb Maple backed
« Last post by paulsemp on Today at 02:52:44 pm »
 a few more. Funny I did the timer on my cell phone for the full draw and it makes me look like I'm shooting left-handed
Bows / Decrowned Osage limb Maple backed
« Last post by paulsemp on Today at 02:50:57 pm »
 this one started out much longer and I did not catch when I glued up twist in top tip. Trimmed it down few inches to take the twist out. I chose the deflex side of the limb due to knots on the reflex side but I didn't want. I planned the glue joint by hand. 1/8th inch Maple back with wenge tips and tips and handle. 57 ntn and around 45 at 24/25. Surprisingly fast and very easy to shoot for a short one. Thanks for looking
Around the Campfire / Re: "0" knowledge of mushrooms, almost
« Last post by upstatenybowyer on Today at 02:14:58 pm »
We once had this dude from California at our mushroom club and he told tales of the Giant chanterelle aka Cantharellus californicus. I'd love to find a few of these bad boys with a going rate of $90 a pound!
Around the Campfire / Re: Laminate Glass strips
« Last post by Pat B on Today at 01:21:29 pm »
Eddie, I only get half of what you get.  :OK
Shooting and Hunting / Re: First kill with my handmade bow
« Last post by bjrogg on Today at 12:42:26 pm »
Congratulations Ezra. Great feeling when it all comes together. Very happy for you. I'd like to hear some more details about the hunt. Oh I love the hunt. Just over two months till opening day deer. I'm getting really excited now.
Around the Campfire / Re: Laminate Glass strips
« Last post by PEARL DRUMS on Today at 12:22:53 pm »
So is Marc. Both of them told me how much, but I cant tell you Eddie. I promised to keep my mouth shut about it.
Bows / Re: Recurves
« Last post by DC on Today at 12:03:20 pm »
It feels fine when I draw it. Thanks
Bows / Re: Tempering rehydration time?
« Last post by Mo_coon-catcher on Today at 12:00:57 pm »
I heat treat exactly te same way as Badger and have good results with it. With black locust and hickory, I've went back to tillering the same day once the wood is cool. And I havnt had any problems from it. These are nows in the 40-50# realm. So nothing extreme.

Primitive Shoots and Events / Re: mojam 2017
« Last post by Onebowonder on Today at 10:27:48 am »
I know you'll find this hard to believe, but due to some inexplicable weather anomaly, the immediate area surrounding MOJAM in Marshall is experiencing very peculiar weather today.  The skies are clear blue, the temperature is 71 degrees and there's a light wistful breeze blowing in from all sides.  Four unicorns have been spotted and a 9 foot tall white buffalo just walked down the MOJAM gravel lane with two Snow White calves.  The water hydrant is running ice cold 180 proof crystal clear shine and there are two inch thick ribeyes on every grill on the place.  If you ain't here yet, you're missing out big time!  Hurry up and head this way before my hallucinating ends!

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