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Cherokee D-Bow
« on: May 22, 2009, 07:56:08 am »
I am fairly new to Primative Archery, but I am very interested in Cherokee style bow and arrow as related to southern central and eastern Kentucky.  Could some members please post some detailed photos and info on the Cherokee black locust and Hickory D-Bows?  I would greatly appreciate any and all info and pics, because I would like to build a bow that would have been used in this area.  I also plan on using river cane for the arrows and would love to see pics of those with the 2 fletch.  By the way this is an awesome site, it has inspired me to want to try a lot of primative style projects.  Keep up the great work. ;D
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Re: Cherokee D-Bow
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Welcome aboard. Try using the search option as there are past threads on these subjects

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Re: Cherokee D-Bow
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Hi kyboy,  Here's a link for a build along for 2 fletched arrows.  There are posts with photos also, if you do a search.,13025.0/topicseen.html

I'm in Richmond.  Just curious as to where you're from in Central KY.
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Re: Cherokee D-Bow
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There are several good sources for Cherokee bows. The Traditional Boyer's bible volume II and Al Herrin put out a book totally dedicated to the subject. Also as has been stated already there are several threads in this site on the subject. 
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Re: Cherokee D-Bow
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If you want to make an exact reproduction, I recommend Jim Hamm's book:  Encyclopedia of Native American Bows, Arrows, and Quivers, Volume I.

The book has very good illustrations but no info on how to build one....that's were you need to research the threads on this forum and get a good book on bow building.

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Re: Cherokee D-Bow
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Thank you all for quick responses.