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Re: Hackberry Molly
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And it splits very easily. 
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Re: Hackberry Molly
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That's going to be a heck of a bow D Bar by your plans when your done.Look forward to seeing the finish.
Know what you mean too about getting those levers right to the edge of almost bowing sideways too much or twisting at brace being too narrow and long or with just a little too much reflex or combination of both.Had it happen on a winged elm once.It's still ok though but right to the edge.
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Re: Hackberry Molly
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Thanks...Yea know where your coming from Ed...........
I must have to admit after about 75 shots and having it braced for about and hour, it is taking a little set in the handle.  But, I didn't heat treat the handle and I thought the handle was always a little thin (from back to belly) but it was all I had to work with in this stave.  I've got some leather glued on the belly side of the handle to build it up for a good grip. But I'm going to cut it off and heat treat the heck out of the handle and see if that does it.  I dough it ......damaged wood is damaged wood

Hope this helps its the only place at this time it is taking some set.... I hope I haven't damaged the wood to the point that heat treating doesn't work.  If not it looks like a bit of deflex / reflex to it. And it's shooting pretty good now.
Till next time.
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Re: Hackberry Molly
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Great stick DBar.
I like the last pic, a td bow in the quiver would be unvisible among the arrows  8)
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