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Re: OOgabooga Roll Call
« Reply #45 on: November 09, 2015, 09:39:42 pm »
I think it was around 1995 give or take a year or 2 my son Bryan and I became members of the society of  ooga boooga at the MaxdaleTexas knappin. The chief was Chief Fuzzy Balls (the late Bill Metcalf ) and others that I don't remember but I remember it was quite surprising to say the least.Some details are forgotten but the experience I will never forget.
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Re: OOgabooga Roll Call
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Cryo.knap in at the Harry mosquito Malacca Minnesota chief 3 fingers.....ooooooooooga boooooooooga!!!
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Re: OOgabooga Roll Call
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I was inducted in as "Topwater" I was too scared to remember my Chief but it was at Niblets Bluff on the edge of a swamp and it was dark and....