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Re: Bow of the Month change
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Gfugal, I certainly am not upset with you or anyone else who posted any response to this thread. Quite the contrary. I very much like to see different ideas brought up. I didn't mean for my response to be taken as a put down to those who didn't subscribe, just bringing up some of the reasons I do and feel it worthwhile. I subscribe to two magazines. This one and another very down to earth outdoor magazine. I like how both a of them are actually filled with good articles and not just advertising and articles that are advertising. I have know problem with BOM including non subscribers but if PA doesn't want to go this route I do understand.
       I think you have brought up a topic that truly is a huge problem for traditional print magazines and news. Im a old fart that still prefers a printed copy with all the glossy pictures. I know many aren't of this same mindset. I think the e-mag should help fill that gap.
      I don't think it's a matter of anything Cip did or didn't do. I very much appreciate the time and effort he put into BOM. i do wish PA and Cip could have worked something out that would have worked for both of them.
      I sometimes feel if we could flood PA Magazine with so many great articles to print that they would have to go to 12 issues a year it might help. It seems to me that both subscribers and advertisers would like this. I have know idea how much this would add to the expense side of the ledger.
       Getting back to the bus. I really hope this bus keeps running and picking up both new and it's old veteran riders. I can hear some not so good noises from under the hood. Some behind the scenes problems that only a few other than the mechanics know of. I certainly hope PA doesn't just put I piece of tape over the check engine soon light. I really don't want to lose these veteran riders, I don't feel it would be good for anyone. I have truly enjoyed working with PA Magazine and hope to be able to continue for many more years. Probably ruffled a few more feathers but I believe there are some problems that need to be addressed. Thanks to PA and all the members of this site that make it such a great place to hang out.
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