Author Topic: Knot sure how picky to be?  (Read 742 times)

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Re: Knot sure how picky to be?
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I'm knot suggesting that anyone should be less than cautious when working on any aspect of these bows.  Follow your instincts in most cases, because with enough experience behind you, your instincts will guide you thru these types of things.  What I am pointing out is what I have experienced, and that is, that pin knots on Osage are mostly my experience, and that is true on any design, whether over built or highly stressed.  Are folks better off being more cautious with these pins?  Better safe than sorry, so yes.  But 25 years and lots of bows have shown me that these pins on Osage are interesting visually, but knot an issue that needs much attention.  As exhibit "A"...The pic below is an Osage Molly I made some years back (hat tip to Blackhawk and Halfeye for their input).  64" inches tip to tip with a 9 inch handle.  50 lbs at 27".  50/50 working limb to lever, so 13.75 inches of working limb (x2).  That's pretty stressed in most peoples book.  It's covered with pin knots.  Both limbs.  I simply tillered for a round profile, nothing more.  No set, no chrysalls, no problem.  Just food for thought.   
  And to Erics point, if you look closely, I followed the grain around one pin as that is always a good practice.
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