Author Topic: Almost Twins: Bamboo-Apple-Osage & Bamboo-Bulletwood-Osage ELB Stylish Bows  (Read 5922 times)

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Excellent!  Even twins have small differences!  Congratulations on the shooting titles!
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Congratulations Lehtis!  Very fine work! :OK

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Winnerís cap received! Thank you - Kiitos

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Not too bad.Congratulations.Some I've heard have to wait longer.Think they were more efficient years ago time wise with mine.
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Congratulations on your wins and nice bows.
Well I'll say!!  Osage is king!!

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Thatís a very clean and beautifully executed set of bows! Love the heavier weights. Nice work!
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Your bows are always enormously impressive.  Iím glad you were able to work that precious apple into this one!

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Very nice ELBs!

The more I see Ďem the more I consider venturing into the world of the English Longbow...and these are 2 prime motivating pieces of art!