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Wilderness Hunt Opportunities
« on: June 16, 2008, 08:59:34 pm »
Hello, I have been looking into some opportunities available for a wilderness hunt. I would like to do a fly-in hunt most likely for caribou because they have an earlier season and I am a student. Now there have got to be options available for people who aren't millionaires? Most hunts I have seen were anywhere from 10000-15000$. But I don't want anything fancy or luxurious, I want to do this more for the adventure than hunt. I am only 19 but I have been saving some money in my "hunt fund" for a while and I could put up a couple thousand for this hunt. I live in Ontario, so I think I would need a guide to hunt in any other province? All I would basically want is a reliable fly in and out to a decent hunting spot, I would bring all my food and lodging. So I guess I would like to know, what are my options? I'm open to any ideas because I am having trouble planning this.

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Re: Wilderness Hunt Opportunities
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2008, 05:13:12 pm »
Alot of designated wilderness here in Colorado, and you dont need a guide or alot of money to hunt it.   Last year, I hiked about 4.5 or 5 miles back into the Holy Cross Wilderness area, here in Colorado.  The area I was hunting was really only accessible via the pass I came in on, otherwise it would be a 15 mile or so pack in with horses from the other side.  I was hunting mule deer above timber and did not see another soul on my entire hunt.  I got to 50 yards of two bruiser mulie bucks, and passed a shot on a  cow elk.
  A hunt like this could be done by anyone willing to work a bit.  Alot of these areas are really high elevations, and steep rugged country, and that keeps alot of people out.  Most of the wilderness areas in CO encompass Over-The-Counter elk units, and deer tags can be had with no points or maybe even leftovers.

Elk Tags for NR's are :  $526 for a bull tag/ $251 for a cow
Deer Tags for NR's are: $316

Figure $700-1000 for roundtrip airfare
Maybe $600-800 for a rental car for a week or so
I'm not sure how much shipping/ airfare charges would be if you actually got one, but you'd want to figure that in.

You could probably get away with spending a total of no more than $2500 US to get out here, hunt for a week or so and get back.

I posted some pics of my hunt last year here:,3338.0.html 

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