Author Topic: Boracare? Methods of getting rid of wood borers  (Read 635 times)

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Re: Boracare? Methods of getting rid of wood borers
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Good protein source!
:o haha no way! I Just ended up squishing the two or three I found.

Osage Outlaw's got a priceless picture he might be willing to share.  ;)
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Re: Boracare? Methods of getting rid of wood borers
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I think it was lost in the photobucket mess.   

At the Classic a few years back I found a borer in a stave I was working on.  I roasted it over the coals for a few seconds and then ate it.  It wasn't bad.  I figured it was eating my bow wood so I would return the favor. 
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Re: Boracare? Methods of getting rid of wood borers
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Its a Beetle larva. Flat head borer(metallic wood borer family) or looks to me more like a round head borer larva(long horned borer family). Google and you can find pictures of the adults of species in these families.

I had some hickory with the bark still on this spring, in the rafters of a pole barn. One day I came in and it was snowing at 70 degrees. When I stopped to figure out what was going on I could hear the chewing from 15 feet away.  By that time wood was too far gone to keep so I burned it. Not sure how they taste tho  :)   

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Re: Boracare? Methods of getting rid of wood borers
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So, I live near you, of course.  That grub you posted is the BIG borer I mentioned.  Usually found under 5he bark and in first ring or two of sapwood. These guys, and also the beetle borer (bronze birch bkrer, locust borer, mulberry borer, etc. ) types come to us as eggs under the bark.  Removing bark and sealing with shellac will prevent these guys.

Terrible protein source if you ask me, but not half bad icefishing bait.

The other issue is those little tiny ones, which I assume are the powder post beetles.  I have had them eat right through every type of finish, and removing bark won't prevent them.

They seem to like dry wood that has been sitting awhile.   Heat treating white wood seems to invite them in, it's almost like they prefer it.   I have had elm sit for two years with no issues, heat treat and straighten it (which would kill eggs and any existing larvae) and had it riddled with these small bores a month later. They seem to love to eat winter rings, as I have had them literally delaminated a bow for me before, between thick growth rings.  Just popped in half.  They also bore straight down into the face of prepped staves, leaving small holes like a pencil lead size.

The second kind is the type that comes in waves and suddenly a lot of my wood in unusable.  They never touch black or yellow locust heartwood, but LOVE my plum, mulberry, elm, and ash.

If you can find a way to make them go away forever, I'll thank you.

Also, you seem up on this stuff, but ALWAYS  be careful mixing chemicals. Aside from the active ingredients, the additives and stuff might give unexpected results.

I mention this because I have seen a good dozen people over the years come in to our ER having mixed various household chemicals and being overcome by fumes.  One lady actually mixed bleach and ammonia while trying to kill ants.
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