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Bows / Re: My first recurve - elm selfbow
« Last post by George Tsoukalas on Today at 03:22:17 am »
That's a beauty! Jawge
Bows / Re: Mulberry Reflex/Deflex
« Last post by George Tsoukalas on Today at 03:18:39 am »
Very impressive! Jawge
Bows / Re: Short Black LOcust bow.
« Last post by George Tsoukalas on Today at 03:15:03 am »
Very nice! I like it. Jawge
Bows / Re: Meranti
« Last post by Ozi Sapling on Today at 02:55:37 am »
Thanks Hamish

I'm in Adelaide, SA.

Any decent timber options appreciated.  Meanewood is also leaning a hand which is great.
Bows / Re: Mulberry Reflex/Deflex
« Last post by SLIMBOB on Today at 02:43:51 am »
Thanks bassman.  Like that little number you have posted.  I really liked that Plains style bow you did earlier this year.  Very nice.
Primitive Skills / Re: Life is good
« Last post by bjrogg on Today at 01:36:32 am »
Congratulations Pappy. I know your gonna make a great grandpa to both of them. Hope Margaret Ann gets along with her little brother.
Around the Campfire / Re: Got me some hens
« Last post by bjrogg on Today at 01:29:45 am »
We always had more trouble with the neighbors dogs. I remember when one of our neighbors got a new dog. It liked to roam. It got my uncles dog to join him. They got in the chicken coop. My uncle was a bachelor and loved his dog. He put him down. Us kids loved his dog to. Way more than the chickens. Like Pappy said, the chickens were more important than the dog. Us kids sure didn't think so and we sure missed Ringo. Still can see that dog play fetch with my uncle. That's gotta be all of fifty years ago. I know that had to be really hard for my uncle.
Make it wide, slightly flip the tips(just enough that string angle stays good), and heat treat. You should have a decent shot of it making a 26” draw. I would’ve prefered to have kept it a bit wider, closer to 2”. But I would just keep it full width from handle to midlimb,  then taper to 1/2” nocks. Flips the tips a little, just for string angle. Then just see how far it lets you go before you hit about 3/4” of permanent set, or you hit your 26” mark. Keep the handle area and a few inches either side a bit stiff early on. It’ll come around later in the draw cycle. I just finished out tillering an Osage (I know, different wood) almost identical starts, except a bit shorter and a bit wider at 2.5” and I still pulled it to 26”. It shoots surprisingly well. And stack isn’t too bad as the thinner limbs have less resistance to bending in a tighter radius.

Bows / Re: Mulberry Reflex/Deflex
« Last post by bassman on Today at 01:00:29 am »
Well done. nice work.
Primitive Skills / Re: Life is good
« Last post by Chief RID on June 19, 2019, 11:58:52 pm »
Congrats on the future addition to the family. The grip looks great. Can't wait for a critique on the feel.
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