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Bows / Re: Privet Sapling- snap, crackle,pop
« Last post by Hamish on Today at 06:45:13 pm »
What was the brace Height? It looked a little high for the bows length. It wouldn't have been a crucial issue, but could have contributed to the cumulative stress.
Bows / Re: EA-40 panic buying
« Last post by HedgeHunter on Today at 06:29:52 pm »
Huntsmans has longer pot time. Can take higher temps, rolls on way easier, goes further and lasts longer. It aint cheap but if ya want good American product this is it. Good stuff usually is worth it in long run.
I use it for boo, glass, lams, splicing billets. Good chit!

I loved EA40 too until i use this stuff. Think best stuff for splicing is Brownells Acra Glass gel. Like it because when cured is has zero shrinkage. Its a two part epoxy same as EA 40 but a tad thicker and rock solid.



Bows / Re: Privet Sapling- snap, crackle,pop
« Last post by Rākau on Today at 06:29:38 pm »
that's interesting, I find privet to be the easiest wood to dry that I have come accross, I have stripped the bark off 3" saplings and not even sealed the ends and still haven't had drying checks.
Flintknapping / Re: 2020 PITH
« Last post by YosemiteBen on Today at 06:13:39 pm »
Glad they all got there! have a gooder.
Yes Parnell, some day!
Bow of the Month Contest / Re: Vote for May Self Bow of the Month Here!!
« Last post by Weylin on Today at 05:22:06 pm »
Those of you putting numbers in the comments, make sure you're voting up in the poll section for your vote to count. We usually don't publicly share who we voted for while the voting is still happening.
Bows / Re: Sturgeon-backed Yew Bow 50#@27"
« Last post by Weylin on Today at 05:18:18 pm »

Thanks, y'all!

Everything about this bow is fantastic. I especially like the color popping out of the tip overlays.
that was a pleasant surprise. normally the buffalo horn is jet black with little variation.

Love the bows you create. Been watching and learning from you on the “tube” for some time. I just pulled a yew stave out to start one. I had an outer limb failure on the one I was working on. It’s inspiring to see what is possible.

Thanks, snag. I'm glad to hear the videos are helpful. Hope your next yew bow works out for you!
Bows / Re: Privet Sapling- snap, crackle,pop
« Last post by mikebarg on Today at 04:36:36 pm »
Yes. A little bit of undulation in that limb and that knot messed with my mind. I'm going to try again when I find a similar sapling to work. I had another larger diameter roughed out piece of privet drying but it developed a crack on the back. I haven't had that problem with privet before.
Arrows-Sponsored by Khans Arrows / Re: new hunting arrows for a friend
« Last post by mikebarg on Today at 04:21:27 pm »
Nice looking arrows. And an even nicer gesture for your friend. I hope it motivates him to rehab his body and mind to get out in the field again.
It's a good hobby.It'll keep you in shape.
Horn Bows / Re: My new Hornbow
« Last post by BowEd on Today at 04:08:18 pm »
I have no doubt you will come to your own process which is convenient for you.They are meant to be strung long periods of time.I call them creatures of their own compared to selfbows.Very resilient as you know.It's good it's settling in for you.As long as you don't pull past your intended draw weight it should keep every bit of reflex,or that you don't remove too much horn.It'll be a very nice bow.The light is getting brighter at the end of the tunnel.
I like giving the FG boys fits with their self made kit bows.
While using the stringer it will want to flip or roll over on a person unless you are pulling straight up in line with limbs.There's really no danger to ones' self or the bow if this happens as I've seen.If it happens it will happen right away as you begin to pull and it will tell you that it is'nt in line.
Be sure of  proper placement of pressure on  handle and center of string while pulling otherwise bow could string up out of tiller.Easily adjusted though with string pressure to belly on stronger limb.
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