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Bows / How much sinew?
« Last post by JWMALONE on Today at 05:02:22 pm »
Hey Guys, Approximately how much sinew would I need to back an Osage bow 65 inches long. Say ten pieces of leg sinew?
Bows / Re: Great haul!
« Last post by Yellowstave on Today at 04:57:27 pm »
Thats just my half. He was still cuttin trees when i had to leave.. we spotted a stovepipe straight one on the way out.
Bows / Re: where to get nice bamboo backing?
« Last post by PatM on Today at 04:35:29 pm »
Real Tonkin is not actually that common as a selected bow material. " The bamboo broker" was the go to supplier for bamboo flyrod making.  That's probably as good as you're likely to find but you have to buy a fair amount.   The guy who ran it unfortunately passed and his widow has tried to keep things going but it seems like a bit of a struggle.

 I'm lucky to have a premium bamboo supplier of all types close by.
Bows / Re: Hickory stains/finishes
« Last post by Springbuck on Today at 04:27:18 pm »
  I use Solarlux dye, leather dyes, or aniline dyes on all stubborn woods.  I have verl little luck with standard stains getting the depth I want if I'm going dark.
Bows / Re: Nr. 2
« Last post by Springbuck on Today at 04:23:09 pm »
Nothing wrong with that!  Finish work is great!
Bows / Re: Sinew-backed Yew D/R with Cobra Skins
« Last post by Springbuck on Today at 04:21:15 pm »
  Oh, yeah, thats a winner!

  Did you work it to that shape, then add sinew?
Bows / Re: Great haul!
« Last post by George Tsoukalas on Today at 04:18:59 pm »
Good for you! Jawge
Muzzleloaders / What happened to the American Longrifles forum?
« Last post by Tracker0721 on Today at 04:13:49 pm »
Was reading some previous posts on powder horn building and now it gives me some weird error when I try getting on the forum. No matter if I try a favorited/bookmarked page or just coming through google. Just curious if itís scheduled maintenance or something. 
Bows / Re: where to get nice bamboo backing?
« Last post by Springbuck on Today at 04:13:31 pm »
willie, I don't have a real source for Tonkin bamboo, but plain old moso planks from have never let me down.   They have a lot of different stuff, and the staff is pretty knowledgeable if you need to phone them.

I think trade names get in the way with bamboo, like they do with tropical woods.

 From what I understand, tonkin cane is a very small diameter, tough, straight-sided, small node bamboo (or relative).

 Tonkin bamboo (capital "T") is a strong bamboo that comes from the Gulf of Tonkin area.  Not sure the actual species, but my memory tells me it is most similar to Taiwan Bamboo.   Both are larger diameter and much thicker-walled than Moso.  Taiwan bamboo is used whole for highrise scaffolds in Taiwan.

  What Frank Suppluy calls "Calcutta" bamboo is also called "tropical bamboo" by other dealers and has almost no hollow center.   Another specie called "tre-gai" is a lot the same, close in size, more hollow, but still a really thick wall.
  I bought what Three Rivers Archery called a Tonkin Bamboo backing for my first few backings, but when I bought from, it looked, felt, and worked exactly the same.  I wouldn't be afraid to use any decent diameter bamboo (Tonkin, Taiwan, Black, Tortoise shell, or Moso) for a back, but would maybe look for thicker-walled specie for a belly.
Bows / Re: Great haul!
« Last post by Dances with squirrels on Today at 04:11:19 pm »
Dang. Looks like some good Osage in there. Congrats. You're gonna be busy for a while.
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