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Primitive Shoots and Events / Re: Marshall 2017
« Last post by paulsemp on Today at 08:53:47 pm »
 like Clint said the kids had a lemonade stand and Nina had no problem delegating jobs.  they brought in almost $50 which I split up evenly with all the kids.  thank you to all the adults that generously donated to keeping these kids busy for a few hours.  in the five years I've been going to this shoot it is really grown and become quite an event for primitive archery once again. I highly recommend anyone who wants to be surrounded with no glass come. the only fiberglass you see is little kids which no one thinks twice about. put it on your calendars for next year.  thanks again everyone
Primitive Shoots and Events / Re: Marshall 2017
« Last post by paulsemp on Today at 08:44:51 pm »
What a great time guys! Lot of gift-giving happened at this Marshall. Like Clint said we agreed last year to do a bow Exchange. Just for future record anyone that makes Clint a bow needs to make it about 70 pounds at 26 inches so he'll get his 45 at 17 >:D. This is the second trip this year that was just me and my daughter going so my role has slightly changed at these shoots and I have a feeling they will for the next few years while I spend more time watching little ones instead of hanging with the adults. Wouldn't change it for the world though, she's meeting a lot of great kids from all over the country. got to meet a few new people like Aaron, DVS, sleek and Kyle and I'm sure I'm forgetting some. There was a showdown on The Milk Jug shoot for the six to eight year olds between Nina and her boyfriend Nate. She  lost to the old crack shot but she was a trooper and it gave her an excuse just to give him a hug.  did not get nearly as many pictures as I thought I should but here's what I got.
Around the Campfire / Re: A quick days forging
« Last post by penderbender on Today at 08:44:26 pm »
Did you ever do both on one knife?
Nice work on the metal.

that would look cool! Give it a nice contrast. Cheers- brendan
Around the Campfire / Re: Camper shell modified
« Last post by penderbender on Today at 08:42:12 pm »
Love the name. And your boys doing a great job! That should be more comfortable. Cheers- brendan
Bows / Re: Bowyer's Bible Volume 2-- Choctaw Bow Picture
« Last post by Mad Max on Today at 08:29:53 pm »
I missed that
Thanks guy's
Around the Campfire / Re: Moccasins
« Last post by EdwardS on Today at 08:27:46 pm »
I wear mocs exclusively
Bows / Re: Bowyer's Bible Volume 2-- Choctaw Bow Picture
« Last post by upstatenybowyer on Today at 08:03:24 pm »
From the unstrung side view it looks heavily deflexed, which I would imagine comes into play in this scenario.

makes sense
Bows / Re: Rawhide-backed ERC Flatbow
« Last post by mwosborn on Today at 08:03:20 pm »
Beautiful bow and bend!
Flintknapping / Bowtarist points
« Last post by osage outlaw on Today at 07:59:18 pm »
I'm posting this picture for Bowtarist.  Hopefully Derik will fill in the details on them.

Primitive Shoots and Events / Re: Marshall 2017
« Last post by osage outlaw on Today at 07:53:34 pm »
Words can't explain how great of a time I had at Marshall this year.  It was 4 days of laughing, eating, making bows, shooting, and spending time with some of the best people walking this earth.  I am truly blessed to call you guys my friends.  It was nice to meet Kyle and Sleek.  Thank you for the trades and truck repair Kyle.  There was a good showing from the midwest, DVS, Patrick, Knoll, and A a ron.  Thanks for making the trip guys. 

Last year Paul Semp and myself agreed to do a bow swap at this years Marshall shoot.  It was fun to hand him a bow and get one from him in return.  I received a beautiful Elm bow, a first for me.  Thank you for the bow Paul.  I was also gifted a Badly Bent bow, something I have been wanting for quite a while now.  Thank you Greg!  Somehow I ended up trading Pearly for a bamboo backed Yew bow.  Stixnstones gifted me a very cool custom knife.  Thank you Mike.  I can't wait to unload the camper tomorrow and look over all the stuff that I brought home. 

The raffle table was the best I have ever seen at this shoot.  I saw a lot of tickets being bought.  Hopefully the club raised enough funds to help out with all of the improvements taking place.  The back 40 will be the place to be next year with that new building. 

I tried to take a lot of pictures.  I can't wait to see everyone else's.  I heard Knoll got some good ones  >:D

I found some fresh bacon!

Bill received a bow from Pearly and a set of arrows from Badly Bent

The sun peeked out from some rain clouds just before sunset and made the castle glow.  It was very cool to see in person.

Pearly working on a bow and DVS having a good time

Paul sent a low shot deep into a hollow log

Later DVS did the same thing

Nina loves tanned critters

DVS is 20% Sherlock Holmes, 30% hippie, and 50% redneck  ;D  Thanks for the camera help Dave  ;)

Paul Semp spent most of the week helping some kids make their first bows.  I believe his kindness and patience has made an impact on their lives.

Late night in the bow shop

DVS working on the tiller.  The bottom limb looks a tad stiff

Bill cooking up another fantastic breakfast

Paul working on a yew longbow

Nina's lemonade stand was a huge success. Paul is taking his cut of the profits

Ryan killed a black locust tree

Mike making the long awaited walk to the port-a-let

And receiving a round of applause on his triumphant return

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