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Primitive Skills / Re: Life is good
« Last post by Pappy on Today at 03:16:07 am »
Had a great weekend, got a lot of shop work done and got a couple of new Boyer's started , not new to the club just new to making bows. ;) Little John and Brandon made some head way on a couple of nice staves. I will have some pictures up as soon as I get time to down size them. Hope yall had a good one also. Life is Good. :)
Bows / storage solutions
« Last post by stuckinthemud on Today at 03:10:17 am »
OK, so this might be a common problem, maybe not.  My workshop was a single garage (17x10), it is full of household over-spill that can't be disposed of (junk), a workbench, and stacks of timber for various purposes - one of billets/short bow staves (less than 65" long), one of long-bow staves (65 to 80") one of carving timber.  The roof is low and only 6-feet off the floor and the rafters are full of skirting boards and other construction timbers.  I have no outdoor storage available.  How do you guys store your timber - any clever solutions I might be able to steal?
Bows / Re: Mold
« Last post by stuckinthemud on Today at 03:02:24 am »
They'll be fine.  The only thing is the mold might stain them but caught early and treated its not a problem, surface mold is not like deep-seated rot.
I know, I know, but my 'workspace' is also my timber store and I keep promising myself I will rationalise the timber store into "genuinely useful" timber and "might be useful one day" and then burn the "might be useful one day" pile, but each time I look at the burn-it pile I can't bring myself to do it.  The burn-it pile is now empty. >:D Currently, I have less than 3-feet of space between my workbench and the stave-stack, I add 1/2 dozen staves to the pile each year but am building 2 or 3 bows per-year...
Bows / Mold
« Last post by Jjpso on Today at 02:44:52 am »
Hello guys
Looking for some advise...
 I had around 30 ash and elm staves drying in my basement
They were cut last year, all were without bark, and were supported in the extremities.
I wanted to rearrange the space to gain some space for the staves I cuted this spring, so maybe 15 days ago I puted them facing a wall that faces the exterior soil.
I went on vacations, and returned yesterday, and today I went to look them and they were covered in mold! This never happened before, I just moved them 1 meter from where they were before! But the wall facing the soil has more moisture for sure!
I removed the mold and putted the staves in the exterior, under a balcony and don't know what to expect.
They look ok, and I will try to get them dryer before I take them inside again
What's your opinion? Do you think I can still use them? Or better to burn them?
Thanks in advance

Joao from Portugal!
Oh a cooler attachment yes I hadn't thought of that!
I don't know about a build alone pattern, but if you Google "shave horse from 2x4's I bet you'll find the video I based this on. Basically, make the bench then make a "head" for the kind of work you do. You could make different heads, switch them fairly easily.
Around the Campfire / Re: Making archery range/practice place?
« Last post by FilipT on Today at 02:36:05 am »
What about combination of styrofoam, sponges, clothes, rags, etc.? Mix of everything, but packed together. Problem is that I have a bit of everything but not a lot of particular item.
Bows / Re: Ash longbow - 45# at 28"
« Last post by FilipT on Today at 02:29:56 am »
Any critic is welcome, just speak your mind.

I agree with you regarding right (upper limb). But the issue here is two fold. You noticed a spot where it appears weak mid limb but actually that spot is not hinge but a poor shaping attempt of me. What happened is that change in limb thickness is a bit abrupt in that area but not so it makes bow behave poorly. I completely forgot to correct this when I finished tillering and just proceeded to coat it with fat and beeswax so it was too late. Dumb of me, no need to mention it.
Second issue is indeed a bit stiffer inner half of limb. I tried to correct that area several times, but it just didn't had any effect. Since I am beginner I was afraid it would suddenly become too weak and since the drawing of bow is very smooth I decided to not bother with further.

And yes, I was going for a more elliptical tiller instead a part of circle. I guess it was more because it was deflexed already and that shape naturally appeared at drawing. Not sure if this is an error or these bows NEED to be circular.

All in all, this bow is the first successful one this year and in some areas it needed further work but considering difficulty of the sapling, how much it could be pushed further I wouldn't know.
Flintknapping / Re: Therapy by Paul
« Last post by bjrogg on Today at 02:20:22 am »
Thanks Steve
Thanks Jerry, I'm thinking most of us could use a little
Flintknapping / Re: The knapping diary of a mad man...
« Last post by bjrogg on Today at 02:17:17 am »
I'm just starting to get the hang of indirect. Still seems a bit uncomfortable holding stick pinched between my knee but a six by six block to put my foot on helps.
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