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Bows / Re: Bow or Flintlock hunt Africa 2024 with Mike Yancey
« Last post by GlisGlis on Today at 05:46:19 am »
that's a kind of advertising I'm not used to on this site
Bows / Re: Bendy handle yew with recurved tips
« Last post by Aksel on Today at 02:41:56 am »
Arvin, no offence taken  :) I wasn't a big fan of bendy handle bows prior to this either. Since this bow comes from a deflexed longbow (and already had a bendy handle & followed the string by 2-2,5) I didnīt have much of an option which led me into researching this design.

My gut feeling was that it surely must be more unstable & not an effective design for storing/releasing of energy. Too many weak links I thought,  so I didnīt have much hope. And judging by how relatively few hits I got searching for this design implied this was the collected on-line wisdom of bow makers.

So this made me curious to hear the thoughts/opinion of others on this design (and not on my bow). Especially why people do not favour this type of bow.
English Warbow / Yew wood and English longbow help.
« Last post by Mafort on October 02, 2023, 09:30:11 pm »
So I am attempting to make my very first longbow from yea wood and an English war bow at that. Iíve made them from other woods but I had some questions regarding how to properly make one. For instance does following a ring on the back still apply to yew wood? I ask this cause on some of these pieces they sapwood is a good half inch or more thick. I do not plan on backing it so I want to get these right.  I have three staves to choose from all 2x2. One is literally the straightest piece Iíve ever worked with at 75inches long the second is clean and bumpy at 80inches and the other is 72inches. I was thinking about using the 75in stave for the warbow. My plans are for 100@28Ē and 110+@32. Iíll try to upload pictures in the morning
English Warbow / Yew longbow in progress
« Last post by Boofus on October 02, 2023, 09:19:28 pm »
I've begun work on this yew stave in the hope of making this an english longbow. I'm concerned with these knots. I was planning on rawhide backing this for safety, but I don't think the rawhide will lay down on the back with these knots. Should I work them down some and apply the rawhide? What do you guys think?
Bows / Re: Bendy handle yew with recurved tips
« Last post by bradsmith2010 on October 02, 2023, 07:00:20 pm »
sorry I cant find pic, if I do I will post
Shooting and Hunting / Re: a few trail camera photos
« Last post by TimBo on October 02, 2023, 06:39:49 pm »
I'm not too picky, but I definitely wouldn't turn down any of those bucks if they show up.  I think most of them only show up at our property in October/November.  Having some photos on the camera does sometimes help get me out the door in the dark (or stay put until it gets dark) - a little extra motivation never hurts!
Bows / Re: Sturgeon accented boo yew
« Last post by JW_Halverson on October 02, 2023, 06:03:53 pm »

Brendan, I ain't jokin' when I say you have really made some of the very best looking bows I have seen in the last few years. You are really coming into your own!

Iím extremely honored. And I couldnít come close to where I am without the amazing help, support, and inspiration from the members here. I still feel unhappy with something on every bow I make though. Iíll probably never reach perfection (if thatís even possible) but Iíll keep trying.

That sounds like a passionate drive!
Bows / Re: Bendy handle yew with recurved tips
« Last post by Selfbowman on October 02, 2023, 04:31:11 pm »
Please donít be offended. I donít care for bend in the handle bows. I like the flipped tips! I am a handle guy thatís all.
Bows / Re: Bendy handle yew with recurved tips
« Last post by Aksel on October 02, 2023, 02:06:40 pm »
Thanks for all replies,

Bradsmith: do you have a picture of it?

Badger; interesting. I hardly ever use the mass formula but I sometimes check it after a bow is finished.

Arvin;  Iīm curious to hear what you do not like about the design?

Del; agreed!
Bows / Re: Bendy handle yew with recurved tips
« Last post by Del the cat on October 02, 2023, 12:06:37 pm »
Lovely bow... doesn't take much Yew heartwood to give it some punch :-)
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