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English Warbow / Re: Hazel longbow, UPDATE: some pics
« Last post by Badger on Today at 07:56:28 am »
Felipe, your math wont work, your bow is 90# @20", braced or not braced. The string angle is what mainly influences weight, not a build up of pressure in the wood from drawing it further. Let your string hang loose a few inches when you check it instead of tight against the bow. I have been doing this for years. I keep mine on a long string all the way to 24" now and then brace. I just read the weight where it reads, no math. It is pretty accurate.
Bows / Re: Crossbow Core Cwestion :)
« Last post by Marc St Louis on Today at 07:47:43 am »
That flexing might give you trouble Del.

The zero brace height allows for a longer power stroke but it presented its own problems, particularly with the bolt.  As it was it had a 15~16" power stroke.  With the longer prod I was going to try I figured at least a 20" power stroke.  I was using 1/2" diameter bolts made of HHB, they hit the target with force
English Warbow / Re: Hazel longbow, UPDATE: some pics
« Last post by FilipT on Today at 07:47:30 am »
Sh*t, guess I got fooled with that "no stretch" ads. Look I would rather wait few days for my pay pal to activate fully (waiting for my card) and order proper spool of FF bowstring material than anymore experiment with stuff that may not even work.

Regarding poundage, I am not at ease with thinning the bow yet. You know that poundage drops rapidly with each mm or less. I would rather slowly tiller and than reduce the weight than reduce the weight now and be surprised with underweight bow.
English Warbow / Re: Hazel longbow, UPDATE: some pics
« Last post by JNystrom on Today at 07:34:47 am »
Yep, it was excactly that. Try spiderwire, if you don't have anything else. Not that spiderwire is any bad, its just slippery. I have shot all my flight shoots with spiderwire and really heavy tension at brace. 80 pound 50" shorties and such.

About the poundage, just go ahead and thin the bow a lot. There is still heat treating to be done....
Around the Campfire / Re: My favorite holiday.
« Last post by YosemiteBen on Today at 07:08:20 am »
Many Thanks for all of you and for keeping traditions alive. Thanksgiving for me is everyday I can celebrate breath in the morning, creation throughout the day and friends!
Bows / Re: Crossbow Core Cwestion :)
« Last post by Del the cat on Today at 06:55:11 am »
Cheers Marc, that's pretty cool :)
I like the shoot through as it allows the V low brace without the string riding over the top like low mounted prod designs.
See sketch of proposed mounting (hope it makes sense), the angle material is 1/4" Aluminium alloy and I'll have a leather strip between it and the bow (all edges will be rounded of course). Binding probably rawhide or rubber strapping for test purposes. Hopefully it will allow the whole bow to flex.
2017 Hunting Pics / Re: Hard liver shot doe
« Last post by mullet on Today at 06:51:51 am »
Congratulations, Ed! Good shooting and meat for the freezer.
Flintknapping / Re: big and small
« Last post by mullet on Today at 06:48:52 am »
Nice points, Bob. being on blood thinners has slowed me down chipping. I have been heat treating some nice coral, though.
Around the Campfire / Re: Snow
« Last post by JEB on Today at 06:35:05 am »
We average 93 inches a year. I live at a T intersection and about 3 block from Lake Michigan. The winds are what are bad for us.  We either get lit up or not much at all. Some years I snow blow the driveway 3 times a day and sometimes 3 times a season.  The big lake dictates our weather.  I would like a little snow for our up coming muzzle loader season.
2017 Hunting Pics / Re: Hard liver shot doe
« Last post by bjrogg on Today at 06:26:16 am »
Ed I know exactly what you mean. I know you respect her and will give her new life. Honestly I've only been doing this for two years but those older does are some really challenging animals for this type of hunting. I think their more alert than the young bucks. Can't wait to see what creations she turns into.
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