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Around the Campfire / Re: Tray for a friend
« Last post by Deerhunter21 on Today at 05:26:38 pm »
I made a bowl out of that same wood. very pretty
Flintknapping / Re: unmatched pair
« Last post by Deerhunter21 on Today at 05:22:57 pm »
Nice! A little bit ago I told you about me "giving up" on a wierd arrow head. I went back to it and tried a bit longer but one side wouldnt thin down. so I moved on to some bottles!  ;D thanks for showing us this!
Bows / Re: I need help with a terror stave
« Last post by Pat B on Today at 03:33:52 pm »
Keep an eye on the stave. If it start's checking you may have to expose the belly to let some moisture out. If you knew which side would be your bow you could reduce the belly to floor tiller stage without harming it. Then bind it to a 2x4 or other form so it will dry without twisting or warping.
Bows / Re: I need help with a terror stave
« Last post by Ryan Jacob on Today at 03:01:01 pm »
Thanks for all the inputs aboutthe bow and the help with pics. I think Iím gonna let the wood dry out a bit more before I cut anything off. Hard to put wood back on.
Around the Campfire / Re: Tray for a friend
« Last post by helmet on Today at 02:56:43 pm »
That is cool :)
Bows / Re: Marketing and board bows
« Last post by Hrothgar on Today at 01:43:32 pm »
Jim, that's how I read it, and I agree with you. Although I don't know of any lumberyards that keep hickory boards in stock, I think I could tell the difference between hickory and oak. The booklet also noted there are over 240 different species of oak in north America, and something like 50 different species in Missouri due to easy hybridization between oaks. that could make identification a little more difficult.
Bows / Re: I need help with a terror stave
« Last post by SLIMBOB on Today at 01:25:42 pm »
Never worked that wood so not much I can add, but on the pics.  An alternative...a free program called Gimp.  I and some others use it.  Simple to use.  Open the program, drag and drop in the pic.  Click scale image.  A pop up window opens with the dimensions of the pic currently.  In the window type in 900 by 1200 (that's what I choose for size).  Now go to File and choose export.  Add the ext .jpg to the file name.  Hit export and another pop up opens.  click the box that lets you preview the size.  Now just slide the dial until you are under 200 kb.  hit export and your done.  Picture ready for PA.
Bows / Re: Cracks between growth rings
« Last post by bradsmith2010 on Today at 01:07:43 pm »
getting past them would be the best,,,,
Bows / Re: I need help with a terror stave
« Last post by bradsmith2010 on Today at 01:06:50 pm »
that would give you a 25 inch draw with bendy handle,,
that is enough for nice power stroke,,
English Warbow / Re: Suggested finish?
« Last post by stuckinthemud on Today at 12:47:43 pm »
I never had a problem with boiled linseed oil - 'boiled' means driers have been added- and I have used it on many types of wood but it does tint white woods, though it is absolutely stunning on dark woods with a polished wax on top - you need to let the oil finish curing before the wax is applied though.  I think perhaps I would wax the antler first to protect it from the oil, then oil the tiller, then wax the whole thing.  Any guess as to how the oil and wax would affect the bone- I only have a few small chips left and I'm not sure I have a large enough piece to make a proper test piece from.
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