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At the Forge / Re: yet another file knife
« Last post by KHalverson on Today at 01:07:46 pm »
this is how i learned  to do it.
At the Forge / Re: Chef knives
« Last post by dieselcheese on Today at 12:59:25 pm »
Thanks again, guys, you're motivating me to do what I say I'm not going to do but end up doing anyway...consider making some more kitchen knives ;D

I live in the mountains in Northern New Mexico, winter has come and my shop was destroyed in a storm.  Yep, my Harborfright awning got mangled by some high winds.  I need to build a real shop but we'll get there after we catch up on a few things like new windows for the house.  Anyway, I haven't been spending as much time at the grinder under the circumstances.
Bows / Re: New members
« Last post by dieselcheese on Today at 12:48:42 pm »
From a semi-new guy perspective I thimk this would be a great idea.

The PA search function isn't the most user friendly. 
At the Forge / Re: Christmas knives
« Last post by KHalverson on Today at 12:47:06 pm »
very nice,
I really like the mosiac pins and the walnut looks great.
Bows / Re: First time with sinew. Questions
« Last post by cool_98_555 on Today at 12:35:33 pm »
Thanks for the replies.  I've got my sinew, just need to get my glue.  Would 4oz of glue be enough for one bow at 2 layers?
Around the Campfire / Re: Earthquake
« Last post by BowEd on Today at 12:32:23 pm »
That's quite the news Pat.That might have shaken some snow to the ground off the been through one of those yet.I imagine with the wide range of members others have been through earthquakes before too.How many miles away was the epicenter of earthquake?
Around the Campfire / Earthquake
« Last post by Pat B on Today at 11:16:28 am »
I woke up at 3:30 this morning with our bed shaking. Our dogs started barking so I let them out and looked around to see if a tree fell on the house. We just got 14" of wet, fluffy snow a few days ago(Sunday morning) and by 3am the power was out. We just got power yesterday afternoon at about 4:30. I had to cut a 12" pine off of the driveway yesterday.
 Well, it turns out that there was an 4.0 earthquake in eastern Tennessee. Boy, what a weird sensation. No damage from the quake, thank goodness.  There's never a dull moment here in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.  :OK
Bows / Re: New members
« Last post by Pat B on Today at 11:02:44 am »
DC, if you'd like to start a thread others can add to it. After it gets going I'll sticky it up top of this page for all to see without having to search.
Primitive Archery Clubs / Re: bowyers or wannabe bowyers in Ohio
« Last post by bjrogg on Today at 10:52:19 am »
Sounds like a good time in the making. I wanna come to.
Around the Campfire / Re: Give your loved ones a hug
« Last post by bjrogg on Today at 10:10:56 am »
Thanks Swampman. Yes I had a couple cracked ribs once to. I grantee I was fussing more than my wife is and I didn't have the huge bruises either. I guess if she can put up with me all these years what's a broken rib and some bruises. We weren't feeling lucky to nights ago but we are now.
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