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Primitive Shoots and Events / Re: Elm Hall - elm self bow raffle
« Last post by PEARL DRUMS on Today at 02:38:07 pm »
Gorgeous bow buddy. I'm looking forward to buying a bunch of tickets of my own. The few bows we have should draw plenty of attention. I'm sure Matt will make another(s) knock out to add to the pile. Really looking forward to seeing them all laid out.
Horn Bows / Re: crabby tillering time
« Last post by davidjw on Today at 02:17:14 pm »
Mike, definitely worth a try, performance questions aside, they are some pretty incredible looking bows!  I was able to put her on a longer asa gezi and eliminate the twist, still a bit of imbalance though.  The left limb is still a bit strong, and I think both inner limbs could use a bit of reduction.  Took some measurements too, 47"ntn and 40mm wide mid sal.
Horn Bows / Re: Violated growth rings
« Last post by davidjw on Today at 02:00:07 pm »
Avoid pin knots as well, just found one in the sal of a core I had glued up and was preparing for horn.  Goodbye core, hello firewood...
Flintknapping / Re: Can you name the Knappers
« Last post by JEB on Today at 01:40:26 pm »
Rumblings is that Angela is not doing well. Limes desease.  I hope that's wrong.
Shooting and Hunting / Re: First kill with my handmade bow
« Last post by Ezra Knight on Today at 01:14:43 pm »
I agree! This particular bow is not even two weeks old, so it definitely needs it :)
A bandsaw with a guide wastes far less wood than a table saw. It has a very thin blade.
Around the Campfire / Re: "0" knowledge of mushrooms, almost
« Last post by Stalker on Today at 01:09:28 pm »
In Croatia we have a famous and very known mushroom expert who wrote a series of helpful books with tips how to know which species of mushroom is what you see. I have couple of these at home and they are practical for taking them on the mushroom finding tip.
Me and my dad mostly collect those from Boletus family.
I don't mind if it's just a little heavy Mr. Wizard  :BB >:D

So I got busy and pulled out a couple o projects that are plans c and d. Not sure what is better really so I figured I'd throw pics of them on here and see what you all think.

L to R
Buckthorn, ERC and sinew, lilac, and ash sapling

Side profile pic is reverse order.
Primitive Shoots and Events / Re: Elm Hall - elm self bow raffle
« Last post by Badly Bent on Today at 01:04:28 pm »
As the kids would say, awesome bows there Paul and Chris.
Well I haven't been online in some time so I got a lot of catching up to do on the goings on at PA. Miss my friends here and looking forward to seeing a bunch of ya at Elm Hall. Been a busy summer for me but I have managed to wrestle a bow outta my elm stave for the raffle table. Rain delay from work today and I'm about to start putting the finish on it now.
Here's a peek and yes it is a stiff handle with a shelf. ;D  Tip of a deer antler for the shelf secured in place with rawhide and glue dipped silk thread. Rawhide lazy man's tip overlays also. Handle will likely remain bare with no covering, going for a somewhat primitive look on this one. Have it shot in and tillered by feel, still haven't taken a single pic of the full draw and when I get the wife to help with that I'm hoping it doesn't look wonky as hell. :)
Good to be back among friends, Greg
Bows / Re: Ipe Flatbow / Hickory backing ?
« Last post by PEARL DRUMS on Today at 12:39:01 pm »
Good call bushy. I just tossed out a bunch of hickory backing I made from a plank. All of it broke before it bent into a full circle. Good hickory wont break.
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