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Bows / Re: 2020 Bow Trade - Who is in?
« Last post by Deerhunter21 on Today at 10:55:59 am »
I'm in,  ;D ;D

Right hand,
around 45#

This will really help me by giving me a goal!!!!
gotta sharpen my axe and get some more staves for when im finished! gonna make 1 bow to the best of my ability, then make another one stretching myself farther then again and again till the deadline!! then ill send the best one and ill have something to compare that will tell me how much better i got throughout the year!!  :BB :BB
Bows / Re: Draw length
« Last post by Hawkdancer on Today at 10:50:12 am »
Head up, shoulders back,  chest out - not pushed out but out!  Some strength building exercises will help!  Some training with a lighter bow should help, also try to "do it by the numbers" as PD described.  Concentrate on form, and make yourself draw 26". 
Bows / Re: Draw length
« Last post by Deerhunter21 on Today at 10:46:13 am »
just checked and i am collapsing my shoulders! i thought before i read your post that i was just putting my neck forward. i know what i need to do now. Ill check if im still over bowed when i'm home. don't think i am anymore, and i hope i'm not.  :)

thanks a lot PD!!
Bows / Re: Draw length
« Last post by Deerhunter21 on Today at 10:35:21 am »
ok i won't do 24 then.

I think when i made my bow i was over bowed, i got used to my bad form because the only thing uncomfortable about 26" at 40# is just me not being familiar with it anymore. almost a year i guess I've been shooting 24" like that. good thing i haven't shot a lot otherwise it would be an even worse habit.

thanks PD
Horn Bows / Re: My horn bow build-a-long
« Last post by DC on Today at 10:28:12 am »
Bownarra, I remember you saying way back that something about the shape of this bow was going to cause me trouble down the line. This is a picture from right after I glued the horn on. Is it possible that the glued in reflex in the sal area is whats stopping it from straightening out as much as I want. I've done everything you've suggested and more and it doesn't want to open.
Bows / Re: Centershot Hophornbeam Self Bow 45#@28” 66”ntn
« Last post by George Tsoukalas on Today at 10:23:40 am »
Tiller looks great. Love the character. Jawge
Bows / Re: Centershot Hophornbeam Self Bow 45#@28” 66”ntn
« Last post by Santanasaur on Today at 10:14:32 am »
Thanks for tilting the picture Don, that does look better. I think my camera  software leveled the arrow to be flat thinking it was the landscape.. I do like to nock high, but I think the low camera angle is making it seem very slightly extra.

HHB is really growing on me. It’s hard to find a good piece and it usually has some propellor twist, but with heat treating it’s tip top bow wood. Seems to take much less set than similar hickory designs and I have the impression that it can take a heavier heat treating than hickory before it becomes brittle.
Bows / Re: Draw length
« Last post by PEARL DRUMS/PEARLY/PD/DRUMS on Today at 09:52:14 am »
You are collapsing your shoulders inward in order to drop 2". That's bad. If drawing 24" feels better than 26" means you are over bowed. When you draw your head should be straight, don't dip your chin downward and your shoulder blades should squeeze together. It should feel like your puffing your chest up, if that makes sense. Don't settle on 24", it will never allow you to shoot as well as you are capable of.
Primitive Skills / Re: Chair/backpack
« Last post by sleek on Today at 09:34:51 am »
Wow Ed, That's awesome! I bet its perfect for campfire and maybe even knapping.
Bows / Draw length
« Last post by Deerhunter21 on Today at 09:31:37 am »
So guys... My draw lenght is 26, but the thing is when i shoot i put my head 2" foreward along with my anchor point making it 24". Im at the point where im gonna be making more bows and something i feel like i should know is my draw lenght.

its more comforatble for me to shoot 24" and when i shoot at 24" there is no risk of me moving my head foreward more causing my draw lenght to waver. but im worried that if i stay at 24" that some form problems might show up and that maybe this is a form problem.(im just worried that my head going foreward is a form problem)

26" is not as comfortable but more bows are closer to the 26" inch length meaning if I train myself to stay at 26" it'll allow me to shoot others bows (if they allow)(also my dads draw is nearer to 26 than 24). Also i feel like i need to pull my neck back and this might hurt my neck (yes im a fragile teen). since my head may drift foreward i might not have the right draw length decreasing my draw weight.

what do you think. stay at 26" and train myself to make that my norm. or switch to 24" and have my neck going foreward maybe be a form problem.
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