Carlos Rodrigues from Western Montana asks:
Q: Hello Marc, beautiful bows you make. I have a Grozer Turkish bow and I would like to cover the sinew plate with a decorative backing of birch bark. My question is how to prepare the bark? If I buy birch bark sheet online, it will no doubt be dried and flat. I have a Korean bow and a Mongolian bow with faux birch bark...
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From the Pit is a place for PA readers to ask questions about flintknapping and stone artifacts. I will do my best to answer your questions or point you in the right direction. In this edition of the column, I divided the questions into two categories: aboriginal (abo) and everything else. This division makes it easier for me to answer the questions. Also, there are many knappers hoping to gain insight into abo knapping without having to sort through a lot of modern flintknapping explanations.
Q1: Does “battering” the edge make it easier for an antler billet to remove a flake? What is battering, exactly? When was it used?
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Few things could be more ideal than Tannehill Historical State Park near McCalla, Alabama, when it comes to an archery event. Rolling hills that speak of mountains farther to the north; clear streams; towering pines and oaks; virtually unlimited camping, both developed and primitive; a long list of historical buildings...
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Perched in a twelve-foot-high homemade ladder stand, I watch a pair of does feed on fallen acorns. Roughly fifty yards out, these deer are nowhere near arrow range. However, it is now that I recall some of the first recurve shooters that would readily take shots at this distance. That was a different time and place altogether, and nowadays we don’t find shots like this acceptable. As technology grew to enable the archer to shoot these distances, some of us grew in hunting ability and patience to allow deer to get much closer. Even with the advent of sights, stabilizers, and mechanical advantages, are such long shots ethical? I don’t think so.
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