by John Borgeson
In Okinawa, Japan, there is an abundance of cane that is quite suitable for primitive arrow shafts. How do I know this? I live here in Okinawa, Japan, and I also make my own primitive archery equipment using what I can obtain from local natural areas as well as from the local economy. To get good, useable cane for arrow shafts is easy as the cane grows all over Okinawa. I have even obtained cane growing on the grounds of one of the local archery clubs.
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by Steve “Hillbilly” Parker
A pall of dust rises over the land, lending a blood-red hue to the setting sun. To the north, where blue clad men have taken up defensive positions, the faint sound of a fife and drum corps playing “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” wafts on the breeze, almost obscured by the clipped nasal Yankee accents of nervous men preparing for battle. In the scrubby woods to the south, a similar scene is unfolding.
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Somewhere amongst my random studies concerning archery, I came across the phrase used here as the title. I can’t remember who wrote it or even where I found it, but perhaps a reader will know. Anyway, the phrase has rattled around in my head for some time now popping up for notice every now and then. I walked to my shop one morning with no clear purpose in mind and it popped up again. That’s the sort of thing that can happen when you act without having a clear purpose in mind...
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Lightening cracks the bruised sky, and thunder rumbles like a herd of buffalo on the move. The wet weather has left me soaked to the core and a deep chill tightens my skin. As I survey the plain for signs of game, I catch movement over a small rise, and the smell of the wind in my face carries the unmistakable odor of my quarry. I search out a route to cover the ground and intercept their movement. I can see it in my mind’s eye the stalk I’ll need to make and set it in motion. I cover the first 300 yards in a rapid, crouched-low approach and stop to take in the scene from my new vantage point.
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