Leather Feathers
by Winston MacDonald

Let us all go back to a time in history when we, as a species, hunted with bow and arrow on a daily basis. We are hunter gatherers. Our hunt has been good today. Two of our arrows found their marks, and two coastal black-tailed deer died quickly. We will rejoice in camp tonight as our food cache is critically low and fresh meat is badly needed to feed our camp of twenty, including three children. We will use the bones of the deer for tools and arrowheads. The hides will be turned into leather for clothing and hunting implements.
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Little buddy, I bought your Christmas present today. It is the best available. I hope you like it. But as I was looking through the shelves for the gift, I suddenly realized that the very finest things were not thereónot for sale, not mine to give. If these were, however, I would have a long list for you this year.

First, I would give you a lifetime of health. I would see to it that you continue to grow strongóboth physically and mentally. And to that health I would add an abundance of happiness and joy. I would also give you the ability to keep that childhood faith, trust, innocence, and wonderment throughout old age. There would never be room for hatred or cynicism.
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The woods were still and silent in the predawn darkness, and every twig that broke under our boots or brushed our shoulders seemed deafening. With each snap and crackle we would freeze, our lips forming silent curses as we waited for the telltale thunder of elk crashing down the canyon wall to cross the river and leave us far behind. A moment would pass, then two, and all would remain calm.
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A lot of people are making what many call R/D bows these days. I consider them more as D/R bows because, to me, a bow starts at the handle with the limbs flowing out from there. Most of these bows are a simple composites because they are usually an assembly of two separate parts: the core wood and the wooden backing strip. These two parts are glued up into the required shape. The "D" in such bows stands for deflex. The deflex angles the limbs in towards the archer at the handle. Deflex can be glued in with the backing strip or through the use of billets, and it can be moderate or severe. Quite often, the more severe deflex is glued in with billets. I always glue deflex in regardless of whether it is a mild or highly deflexed bow, mainly because I find it is much easier to do and has a better end result.
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