If it looks like a bear and smells like a bear but shoots like a bow, it’s a bow (photo 1). Just call me “Black Bear.” Robert H. Miller, in his article Yes, But Will It Fly, introduced me to a word I am unable to find in Webster’s dictionary: “Tweakability.” I heartily thank him for introducing that word into my vocabulary. To me the word means, “There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to a rchery.”
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Making an accurate reproduction of a Plains Indian arrow is a hobby that many archers have today. There are numerous sources of information available to accomplish this worthy task. Available sources of information include books, articles, published photographs, and museum displays. Two noteworthy publications, Encyclopedia of Native American Bows, Arrows, and Quivers by Jim Hamm...
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It was winter in the land of the People. Snow lay deep in the higher hollows, and the wind howled ferociously from the north, scouring and shaking the mountain peaks with icy gusts. In the sheltered river valley where the village of the People was situated, conditions were less severe, but the land was still held firmly in the frigid grip of the cold.
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When you arrive at the Tennessee Classic, near Clarksville, Tennessee, you drive down into a beautiful wooded valley with ample camping space, three sets of 3-D targets, vendors with archery equipment, and a rather amazing central core of workshops. For myself, the extensive workshop area for making bows and flintknapping was the main reason I came to the event.
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