Archery competitor, hunter, spokesperson, collector, historian, and radiologist… These are a few of the many titles held by Dr. Charles E. “Bert” Grayson. On September 22, 2006 Dr. Grayson received the highest available in the world of archery, induction into the Archery Hall of Fame in Springfield, Missouri.
Dr. Grayson was born in Boone, Iowa in 1910 to a very large family, the eighth of nine children. In 1919 his family packed up and moved to California where he eventually attended college and held his practice.
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About a year ago “Little John,” a regular on the Primitive Archer website, asked, “What would be your dream hunt?” With little hesitation, I replied back that I had always dreamed about hunting elk. A few days later, Kenneth (Little John) sent me a private message through the Primitive Archer website asking me if I would like to come out to Southwest Colorado to hunt elk with him in the San Juan Mountains just north of Durango. This would be a non-guided backpacking hunt at the end of August of 2006. Needless to say, I was thrilled and, after checking with my wife, the plans were made.
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I have always been a difficult fit in any peg-board. I frequently ask maverick questions that amuse or baffle some people and irritate others. If there is a different way of doing something, I will probably find it and embrace it. Conventionality is a near-fatal disease to me, usually contracted by running with crowds. Yet, I am a primitive (conservative or even regressive by nature) who dances to the beat of a different hollow log. I believe that “there is nothing new under the sun” and that many of the greatest truths are time-tested...
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In the history of our species, I have noticed, many of our greatest discoveries came about as the result of a mistake or accident of some sort. Learning what I could from this phenomenon, and in an effort to further the progress of humanity, I now go around creating accidents and fomenting mistakes on purpose. Of course, some who know me personally might imply that I am making a virtue of necessity, or perhaps go as far as to suggest that I myself am an accident waiting to happen or even a mistake of some sort.
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