Carlos Rodrigues from Western Montana asks:
Q: Hello Marc, beautiful bows you make. I have a Grozer Turkish bow and I would like to cover the sinew plate with a decorative backing of birch bark. My question is how to prepare the bark? If I buy birch bark sheet online, it will no doubt be dried and flat. I have a Korean bow and a Mongolian bow with faux birch bark...
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From the Pit is a place for PA readers to ask questions about flintknapping and stone artifacts. I will do my best to answer your questions or point you in the right direction. In this edition of the column, I divided the questions into two categories: aboriginal (abo) and everything else. This division makes it easier for me to answer the questions. Also, there are many knappers hoping to gain insight into abo knapping without having to sort through a lot of modern flintknapping explanations.
Q1: Does “battering” the edge make it easier for an antler billet to remove a flake? What is battering, exactly? When was it used?
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I hunted the same general area as another fellow. Despite being a bit of a snoop by scouting out all my stand locations, that other fellow is a decent enough guy. Meeting out at the trucks one evening he admitted sitting in one of my stands a couple of nights earlier and told me he didn’t like it and wouldn’t sit it again. And he wanted to inform me that my stand faces the wrong direction!
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Hello fellow archers, it’s time to share another recipe with you. The meal I have for you this time is in the breakfast/brunch venue. My wife and I can at times be ships passing in the night. So, on one of our most recent days off together I decided to court her with a little breakfast treat. It’s not too bad as far as preparation time goes, but her reaction to the comfort-food-style recipe surprised me, so on that note I decided to share this recipe as follows.
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