Volume 30
Issue 4

July/August 2022

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Tracking the Greats
by Bill Priest

The Tracks We Leave Behind
by John C. Bishop

Development of a Primitive Hunter
by Butch Stone

From Our Quiver:
Scottish Archery
by Hugh Soar

One Sunday in October
by Robb Sager


From the Editor
by Marie Luther

Bows of the Month
From www.primitivearcher.com by Tom Allen

Cave Chatter
Penetration and Shot Placement
by Ryan Gill

Passing Along the Tradition
by Marie Luther

Calendar of Events
Event Calendar From August to October
by Marie Luther


Primitive Chef®
Summer Harvest
by Cecil B. Meyers

Classified Ads

The History of Bowhunting for Squirrels in the Middle Ages
by Joseph Sigurdson

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