Volume 30
Holiday Issue

NovDec 2022

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Diameter and Spine of Selfbow - Shot Arrows, And Accuracy
By Stim Wilcox And Matt Fricker

Ghosts of the Dark Timber: Part 1-3
By Mike Huston

South African Spiral Horn Slam
By Mike Yancey


From the Editor
by Marie Luther

Letters to the Editor

Bows of the Month
From www.primitivearcher.com
by Tom Allen

Cave Chatter
Short Bows for a Short Draw
by Ryan Gill

Primitive Chef®
Smokey Barbecue Campfire Chicken
Cowboy Cassoulet
by Cecil B. Meyers

Poet’s Corner
Lessons from Winter
by Cecil B. Meyers

Classified Ads

Calendar of Events
From January to May
by Marie Luther


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