Volume 32
Issue 1

Spring 2024

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The Kings Crusade - The Battles of Acre, Arsuf & Jaffa
By Martin Traveler

Beginners’ Luck - An Idaho Archery Elk Adventure
By River Corcoran

Using the Entire Critter - Part 3: Flesh & Bone
By Ken Wee

Using the Entire Critter Part 4
By Ken Wee

In Art
By William Priest

Using the Entire Critter - Part 5: Rawhide Preparation
By Ken Wee

The Ad Reads: For Paleface Redskins
By George Lott


From the Editor
by Marie Luther

Primitive Chef®
Butter Beef
by Toy Crocker

Riddle Me This

Poet’s Corner
The Archer’s Faithful Companion
by Anon

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Calendar of Events
Event Calendar by Marie Luther

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