Volume 30
Issue 1

Jan/Feb 2022

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From Our Quiver: Tips for the Bowyer
by Sterling Holbrook

Armguards by River Corcoran

So, You Would Like to Make a Hunting Bow by Butch Stone

Primitive Birch Self Bows by Jeff Wolgast

From Our Quiver: How to Make a Tree Fly by Ken Wee

Basic Arrow Making 101 by Ken Wee

The Use of Flax Twine in Bowmaking by Bart?omiej Grygiel

Sections by Hugh Soar


Bows of the Month From www.primitivearcher.com
by Tom Allen

Cave Chatter
Preferred Points for Small Game, Small Birds, and Turkeys by Ryan Gill

Poet’s Corner
Beautiful Things Are Happening by Cecil B. Meyers

Primitive Puzzle
Word Scramble: Wild Turkeys

Calendar of Events
Event Calendar From January to May
by Marie Luther


Primitive Chef®
Homemade Pimento Cheese and Grilled Cheese Sandwich
by Toy Crocker

Classified Ads

Primitive Archer Profile
Meet Anthony Hayner
by Kevin J. Raybould

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