Volume 30
Issue 2

Mar/Jun 2022

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Mullein Arrows by Jeff Wolgast

Elevated Carp by Robb Sager

Hitting a Home Run by Mark McGlone

Sugar Shack by Brian Roggenbuck

Swamp Squirrels by Trevor Lancon

A Unique Bow An Art by Forrest Shattuck

The Quest by Al Chapman

From Our Quiver
How to Make a Tree Fly, Part 2 by Ken Wee

From Boards to Arrows by Leonard Henry

Zen Mode: Aiming Tip by Bus Weller


From the Publisher
by Monroe Luther

From the Editor
by Marie Luther

Bows of the Month
From www.primitivearcher.com by Tom Allen

Bows of the Year
From www.primitivearcher.com by Tom Allen

From the Pit ™
Flintnapping FAQ by Patrick Blank

Cave Chatter
Chipped Stone vs. Ground Stone & Bone by Ryan Gill

Calendar of Events
Event Calendar From May to September
by Marie Luther


Primitive Chef®
Freekeh Salad by Toy Crocker

Classified Ads

Primitive Archer Profile: Meet Rob Marcotte by Kevin J. Raybould

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