Volume 31
Issue 3

June/July 2023

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The Many Facets of Primitive Archery
By L. Woodrow Ross

The Battle of Hattin
A Dark Storm for Jerusalem
By Martin Traveler

Using the Entire Critter
Shake a Leg
By Ken Wee

Using the Entire Critter
Part Two: Getting a Head
By Ken Wee

Discovery of Additional
Knights Templar Graves in England
By Martin Travelern


From the Editor
by Marie Luther

Primitive Chef®
Gingerbread Autumn Cake with Maple Pecan Icing

Fall Cranberry and/or Raisin Sauce by Toy Crocker

Poet’s Corner
Winter’s Bleak Nights
by Anon

Classified Ads
Calendar of Events
Event Calendar by Marie Luther

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