magazinesPrimitive Archer Magazine is written specifically for people who love the outdoors, hunting and archery and has been dedicated to “Passing On The Traditions Of Classical Archery” since 1992. Published six times a year, we are packed with advice for bowyers, hunters and outdoorsmen. Each issue is full of how-to's, archery history, hunting tips and related ways to maximize your outdoor experience, plus exciting stories from well known authors and your fellow readers. Your collection of issues serves as a continuously updated "Bowyer's Handbook". Whether you are a beginner or seasoned bowyer you will enjoy and benefit from the multitude of talented archers presented in this magazine. Each one will become an important "arrow" in your quiver of archery information.

Check out our sampling of articles filled with practical how-to’s, vital hunting tips, exciting stories, and related ways to maximize your primitive experience.

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1. Primitive Archer reaches 75,000 hunters, who epitomize what hunting is all about.
2. Primitive Archer contains mainly “how to” and resource articles concerning the construction and history of bows, arrows and special materials.
3. Primitive Archer readers have the financial strength to support your product: 83% of our readers own their own home and 55% of our readers have a college education.
4. Primitive Archer readers spend a lot of time with the magazine—an average of 2.6 hours per issue
5. Primitive archery is the fastest growing segment of hunting. Our magazine hits the bull’s-eye in this market.
6. Our advertising rates offer you a cost effective and very competitive way to reach this special market segment!
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