If it looks like a bear and smells like a bear but shoots like a bow, it’s a bow (photo 1). Just call me “Black Bear.” Robert H. Miller, in his article Yes, But Will It Fly, introduced me to a word I am unable to find in Webster’s dictionary: “Tweakability.” I heartily thank him for introducing that word into my vocabulary. To me the word means, “There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to a rchery.”
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If your desire is to make a wood bow, you are going to need some tools. This article will deal with the tools used in the making of natural-wood onepiece bows (not backed, laminated, or board bows). I will reference Osage a lot in this article because I use it a lot, but the principals of tool use work for all the woods, whether whitewood or yellow.
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Imagine gateways and entrances, open terraces with traces of fresh herbs, walkways, living fences from bamboo, a dojo, privacy, frogs croaking, then silence as a snake approaches.Outside, working in open air, the steps to making arrows seem simple. You begin by choosing your shaft.
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Making an accurate reproduction of a Plains Indian arrow is a hobby that many archers have today. There are numerous sources of information available to accomplish this worthy task. Available sources of information include books, articles, published photographs, and museum displays.
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Tequila: My Obsidian Obsession by Rollie Johnson

Acorns and Whitetails: A
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