In May of 2006, the Twin Oaks Bowhunters of Clarksville, Tenn., hosted their 9th Annual Tennessee Classic, and a classic event it was! This event is held on beautiful farmland property owned by Twin Oaks member, Mark Baggett, a.k.a. Pappy. The range is well manicured, the land is lush and best of all, the people could not be more accommodating or friendly.
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Lemonwood (Degame) was used quite a bit in the Golden Age of archery. As time went on, fiberglass became predominant, and the political situation brought an end to a plentiful supply of lemonwood from Cuba. From a historical standpoint, I find lemonwood intriguing. From a strictly design aspect, other woods such as osage, yew, and red mulberry are better suited for my needs. Many domestic species of wood can make a good bow, assuming the design matches the wood. Years ago I had obtained a lemonwood board of the South American variety.
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There are those, some of whom are experienced hunters, who exclusively recommend a short bow for hunting. They maintain that a selfbow of 64 inches, or even less, is easier to use from a treestand or from a ground blind, a short bow lends itself to stalking, or a short bow is more stable or “shootable” under hunting conditions.
Years ago, Paul Comstock advocated making a bow as tall as the archer, or man-tall, and the more hunting seasons I see the more prudent his council becomes.
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I can still remember the sting that my fingers felt on that cold January morning as the bow string slipped through my freezing hands to release an arrow focused on a doe as she stood in front of me unaware of my presence. There is nothing finer than the chance to hunt the whitetail rut twice in a single season; that’s what you get when you take a trip to south Alabama in January. When most states’ hunting seasons are already over, Alabama’s whitetail rut is just getting started. The temperature on most days that time of year is cold in the early morning hours but the rest of the day and early evening hunts are done in a light jacket. This is a welcome change to the northwest Arkansas weather I usually have to face that time of year.
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