Two message threads emerged–one for the North and one for the South–so the craftsmen and the Primitive Archer community could monitor the work and provide feedback and encouragement in this good-natured "war between the bowyers". Pat Brennan started the thread on January 18, 2007, with the clarion call: “OK all you Yankee guys from up north. This is your thread.”
Thus, the conflict began.
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I have made both Flemish and endless loop string and I find that both are a bit of a pain to make. Generally I prefer the endless loop in a hunting application because of the performance aspect; however, they are a nuisance to make. Once the strings are made, their length is fixed. Twisting may make small modifications; however, this is not the best way of changing the length of a string, especially when making a bow because the string length will vary as you put the finishing touches on the nocks. A few months ago, I came up with an idea for a string that is quick and easy to make.
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by Paul Silvain
If you’ve stopped here expecting to read a first-hand account about my trailing the Mother of all Whitetails with trusty bow and arrow in hand, or how I crafted a prize-winning primitive bow from a gnarled and twisted piece of worm-holed driftwood, you’ve turned to the wrong page. Yes, this is a yarn about me on a trail, of sorts, with bow and arrow, all right. And it will detail the making of a fine, handcrafted bow by a true master bowyer. Only the trail is one of discovery, and that little ol’ bowmaker isn’t me. Maybe I should explain.
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I have always been enamored by the longbow, whether it is the English style with a “roman arch” D-shaped cross section, or its American cousin with a shallower arch or trapezoid construction. Long, narrow, and lithe in the hand it exudes grace and charm. This is not to disparage the traditional flat bow, millennia of service to mankind has proved the effectiveness of its design. Still, like beer and dogs we all have our favorites. In need of another bow and having read Hunting with the Bow and Arrow, I decided to build a bow similar to the type used by Saxton Pope, Art Young, and the Thompson brothers before them.
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