The infection of making wooden archery tackle can launch some folks into reading everything they can find about trees that make good bows or arrows. That leads to seeing potential material in places that wouldn’t have been noticed by a healthy mind. There’s that straight-grained whateverit- is that trims the interior doors at church. That well-aged wainscoting in the sanctuary. And power poles. Lots of them are made of spruce or Douglas fir.
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A large deer proudly stands on a small hillock, slightly hidden by a copse of summer birch trees. Its massive antlers are clearly framed in a gap in the leaves against a shimmering blue sky. Two hunters, Og and his neighbour, Ug, dressed only in loin cloths, silently creep toward it, although heavily laden with rocks.
Og stops, points and whispers, “Ug, I’ll creep around to the right of the deer.
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...Danger! The deer is not sure where, but instinct tells him it is close. He knows if something is upwind he won't miss it; his sense of smell is ten times that of the human hunter. At the same time he scans the thicket with excellent eyesight. This is his home; he knows every trail and hideout in tis place. For years he has eluded predators along this river; man and beast alike have failed to take him time and again. He remembers the stinging pain of a bullet that grazed his shoulder...
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...The plaintain has medicinal value. Leaves can be chewed to cure gum inflammation and loose teeth. Plantain leaf paste is useful in a variety of situations; it is applied to open sores, festering wounds, bruises, sprains, swellings and boils, stings and eye ailments. It is also useful with burns, skin rash, poison ivy, and eczema. Mixed with suet, plantain leaf paste makes a healing ointment for old, hard-to-heal wounds. Tea made from plantain leaves alleviates stomachache and gastro-intestinal upsets; it can also be sipped for respiratory ailments, colds, flu, and bronchial pneumonia conditions.
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