Over the years that I have been building longbows I have always been fascinated with the historical side of the sport and the effectiveness of the English longbow in battle. Some of the claims made of this weapon seemed to be just too good to be true, while others were very believable. Many people have had their own ideas, and many of these ideas have become accepted as “facts,” generally without any actual evidence to back them up.
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After much hard work, and some pretty dismal weather this winter, we have begun to develop some more work toward our understanding of the Tudor War Bow. The beautiful stave that Jim Fetrow so kindly sent to us is now a fully working replica of a Mary Rose Style bow! It is a truly gorgeous item with it’s own character and performance to match. I built it using the dimensions of the bows that we have studied at the Mary Rose Trust, it’s weight and performance should be comparable with the original bows, though we have yet to see how this compares with both English Yew and, hopefully, Italian Yew.
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The war party of the People traveledsilently but quickly through the trees. Every warrior was alert with his weapons at the ready. Early the previous morning, a messenger had arrived at their village requesting help. A large raiding party of the warlike northern Shaved Heads had been spotted near an outlying village of the People, and each man of the reinforcing war party hoped against reason that they were not too late...
>> Read the Whole ArticleTo make a pickax handle flat bow, you can only use the billet method of construction. You will need two hickory pickax handles with the grain running across the widest part right through the length of the handle and with at least 9 to 12% moisture content (see The Bowyer’s Bible for information on seasoning wood).
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