Primitive Archer Back Issue List - Volume 1 to 11

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Volume 1, Issue 1

(Premier Issue)
Secrets in the Stone
Bows from the White Woods
A Tale of Two Bows
Iceman Found with Yew Bow
Calling Predators In Extra Close
Seeking the Savage Life
Joining Billets
Hunting with Bows of Yew and Osage
An Interview with Gregg Rudd Make a Tree Fly, Part I

Volume 1, Issue 2

Back to the Primitive Campfire
Another Choice: Rattan
How to Construct a Turkish Horn Bow
The Old Hunter: Nice Tree
The Lowly Bowstring
The Archer's Heart
Seeking the Savage Life: Why to Bring Your Wife Hunting
Confessions of a Stave Dealer
Tracks and Trials
Lessons Learned by an Apprentice Bowyer
Make a Tree Fly, Part II

Volume 1, Issue 3

Mountain Goats as Pack Animals
Stringboard for Continuous Loop Bowstring
The Crooked Stave: A Parable
The Bowyer's Rhyme
Camp Bois d'Arc
Predator or Prey?
Quarry Blanks
Medieval Hunting and the Longbow
Osage Longbow: Easy as 1, 2, 3
Black Cherry Bows
Snakeskin Tanning
Make Your Own Tillering Board
Medicine Man: Oak Tannin
Make a Tree Fly, Part III

Volume 1, Issue 4

Vine Maple: The New Yew Wood?
Cutting Fletching with a Knife
Sinew String
Canadian Black Bear
Do-it-yourself Tapered Shafting
Iceman: Still a Guessing Game
Old Bushelhead: The Plan
The Nocking Block
Legal Arrow Points
Choctaw National Wildlife Refuge
Primitive Shafts/Modern Man
Medicine Man: Cottonwood Secrets
Make a Tree Fly, Part IV


Volume 2, Issue 1

Amazon Bow
Bending Osage
Graphic Tillering Revisited
Turkey Wing Bone Calls
Primitive Moose
Setting Up Shop
From Steel to Knife
Interview with Idaho Bowyer Hari Heath
Plight of a First-Time Bowyer
Canadian Dilemma
The Development of the Bow in America
Medicine Man: Osage Orange


Volume 2, Issue 2

Primitive Arms Race
Improving Stone
Bow Collecting
Cordage from a Stinging
Nettle Plant
Thoughts on the Iceman
Practice to Perfection
Red Cedar & Hickory
Recreational Longbow
From Nuts to Soup
The Bent Shaft
Hand-Rubbed Oil Finish
Crafting Hornbeam Bows
Fast Flight of Natural Material
Medicine Man: Hawthorne
Primitive Pricing


Volume 2, Issue 3

Off-set Limbs
Cut Stock: Affordable Alternative
Properties and Design of Primitive Buckskin
Stefano Benini: A Report
from Italy
Hide Glue Insights
The Don Lewis Story: Poaching in Paradise
The Simple "D" Bow
2nd Stage Lyme Disease
Agony & Ecstasy: Bow Bench Plans
Atlatl Construction
Using Entire Critter: Shake a Leg
Snake! Snakeskin Backing
Ash: 1st or 2nd Choice?
Painting Indian Arrows
Medicine Man: Hickory



Volume 2, Issue 4

Learning to Care for Your Bow
All Wood Composites, Part I
Spine, Balance Point, and Arrow Weight
The Ghillie Suit
Back to the Stone Age
Llove Affair with Llamas
Rawhide Backing a Bow
From Acorns to Bows
Bowhunting Caribou
Tips on Building the Wooden Recurve Bow
Paul Klopsteg: Archer to Remember
Medicine Man: Pine
Primitive Archery Rendezvous

Volume 3, Issue 1

Saskatchewan Bruin
The Primitive Road
Asymmetry at Play: The Japanese Bow
Pignut Hickory
What is Primitive? - Survey
Hornbeam Bow Postscript
Bowyer's Basic Tool Kit
Recreational Longbow
Roses for Better Arrows
Arrows Hissing out of History
Archer's Paradox
All Wood Composites, Part II
John Strunk School of High Standards
Medicine Man: Elm

Volume 3, Issue 2

Birch Bark & Bows
Protecting Your Wood Bow
Finding the Proper Board Stave
The Passing Warrior
Bow Backing: A Fresh Look
Maurice Thompson's Poems
Abo Fishing
Using The Entire Critter: Getting A Head
Red Mulberry: Excellent Bow Wood
Bowhunting, "Made In Italy"
Medicine Man: Ash

Volume 3, Issue 3
Juniper Bows
A Place to Return
Pick Handle Bow
Get a Load of Them Legs
Poor Man's Spine Tester
Playing Your Bow
The Fine Art of Arrowmaking
The Missing Art
What is Primitive? Survey Results
Hot Box Wood Dryer
What Kind of Bow Does the President Shoot?
Medicine Man: Hackberry

Volume 3, Issue 4

Prairie Dogs
Penobscot Bow
A Traditional Champion:
Gilman Keasey
Phoney Fish: Bow-Fishing Practice
Firewood Pile Longbow
Black Locust Bows
Needle in the Basin Bull
Hidatsa Archery
Making Them Snug
Nature's Way
Longbow Boar Hunt
Horn Nocks
Our Future: Beyond the Shop
Medicine Man: Mulberry

Volume 4, Issue 1

Texas Javelina
Bow Design Basics
Linda Brackenbury-On Strings
Quality Shafts-in Quantity
Plague: A Present Danger
A Pair to Draw To
The Tiny Trophy
Snake Bow
Hickory Backing
A Hunting Tale For Russell
Embossing Leather
Primitive Hunting
A Unique Bowyer's Bench
Lesson from the Past
Preparing Arrow Feathers
Borers! Borers! Borers!
A Bowhunter's Witness
Grandpa, I Want
Medicine Man: Willow

Volume 4, Issue 2

Clear Creek Encounter
Bowhunting for Cottontails
Archer's Shop: Cherry Bark Backing  
Medicine Man: Maple
The Primitive Bowyer
Using the Entire Critter, Part 3
Talking Cedar
Spruce as a Bow Wood
Ungava Bay Caribou Hunting Recreational Longbow Part 3
The Bow, the Buck, & the Irony

Volume 4, Issue 3

Black Walnut Longbows
Conversations with Jay Massey
Sticks 'n Stones and a Unicorn Goat
Using the Entire Critter, part 4
No Meat
Legacy in the Woods
The Legend of Arthur
The Ancient Hunter's Dilemma
Archer's Shop: Trade Blanket Quivers
Medicine Man: Sweet Gum
The Wonderful World of Wenge
Black Locust: Trash or Treasure
Weather Signs
Madrone: A New Bow Wood
Stinging Nettle as a Bow Handle Wrap

Volume 4, Issue 4

The Saami-Bow
The Oleander Bow
Finishing the Poor Man’s Arrow
All Wood Compsite: Bow Building 101
Wood Backed Snake Bow
Medicine Man: Black Locust
Seminole One Fletch
A Long and Honorable Tradition
Using the Entire Critter: Part 5
Bow Building’s Day
Number Eight and the Ugly Stick
Straightening Cane
Two Sticks and Twine

Volume 5, Issue 1

Buffalo Horn and Deer Antler Points
The Versatile “38”
Myth vs. Fiction
The Stave Warmer
The Recreational Longbow
Stick and String
Southeastern Indian Two Fletch
Medicine Man: Thistle
An American Tradition
Archer’s Shop: Bamboo Backed Bows
The Old Geezer
Other Arrows
Try Another Kind of Primitive Hunting
A Simple Back Quiver
Dogbane Bowstring
Off-Handed Buck

Volume 5, Issue 2

Tribute to Jay Massey
Magenta, but a Promise Kept
The Only Woman in Craft Guild
Bye Bye Bowhunting
Cupid Bow
Arrows for the Rain
Michigan Archery Season’s #1 Typical Harvest
Primitive Hunting Strategies
Medicine Man: Persimmon
Incredible Edible Arrows
Easy Arrowheads
Opening Day Archery Season
Recycling 3-D Targets
Bow Building Bench
Marshall Rendezvous
AtlAtl Championship

Volume 5, Issue 3

What Do These Arrows Tell Us About Primitive?
“Sorta” Primitive Arrows the Easy Way
Practical Primitive Photography
Modern Cases for Primitive Archers
Rawhide without the Middleman
Cane Inserts
Introducing Norma J. Pinney
Beauty is in the Eye of the Bow Holder
Medicine Man: All-Thorn Forget the Trophies
Sticks & Stones: Can They Break Bones?
Stalking the Wild Mushroom
Flintknapping Questions and Answers
Birch Bark Quiver

Volume 5, Issue 4

Primitive Micro Blades
Let’s Get Back to the “Bowsics”
Primitive Archer Tips
Tillering by the Numbers
Follow the Grain
Mongolian Bow
Quick Knock
Medicine Man: River Cyprus
Boars, Dogs, and Boat Paddles
The Revival of “Old Hic”
The Scraper
Hunting the Ghost
Spine Tester
Stick & String: Compound Interest

Volume 6, Issue 1

Mongol & Magyar Limbs
Survival Is No Accident
The “Fake” Snake Bow
Yak: The Alaska Bow Hunt
Part 1: Eskimo Bows
Snake-Skin Backing
Self-Beam Balance
Creek Moccasins
Yes! Brother Bowyer: There Is An 11% Federal Excise Tax for You
“It’s Got Caribou Written All Over It“

Volume 6, Issue 2

Part 2: Eskimo Bows
Broken Arrows . . . Or Are They?
Stalking a Deadly Gopher and Other Humorous Versions of the Truth
Billet Splicing
Corn Stalk Shoot
The Straight-Handled
Draw Knife
Understanding Old Bows
Fletching Alternatives
Cleaning Your Feathers
Snake-Skin Backing
Bark Bow Backing

Volume 6, Issue 3

The Gar Quiver
Southeastern Indian Four
Part 3: Eskimo Bows
The Toil of Tillering
The Mongolian Iron Arrowhead
Primitive Corner
A Tale of Two Bowyers
How to Grow Your Own Osage Trees
To the Snowshoe Hare
Our Certificate
The Secret to Great Nocks
Stress Management
Snowshoe Goats

Volume 6, Issue 4

Primitive Porky’s “Powder
Puff Style”
A Turkish Bow without Horn
How to Build a Take Down Self-Bow without the
Metal Sleeve
The Metal Cone Arrow Point
Antler Mounting
River Gorge Hoorah
The Recreational Longbow
Getting a Bow to Bend Uniformly
Slickum Stick
How Fast Should My Bow Shoot?
The Tick

Volume 7, Issue 1

The Gendawa: A Primitive Bow from Indonesia
“Yew Wood” and the Missus
Weight Matching Your Arrows the Old Fashioned Way
Simply Footing
The Lost Art of Tillering the Penobscot Bow
Turkey Hunting
An African Bow and Arrows?
The Flemish Splice String
Southern Arrowwood
Alternative Natural Shafting
Saxton Pope’s Quiver


Volume 7, Issue 2

In the Palm of My Hand
Guide for the Wannabe
Real, Black Walnut Stain
Individual Measurements: Laying Out a Bow - Primitive Style
Eskimo Armed Conflict
The Fall
Fighting to Protect Our Heritage
Worth Taking a Closer Look

Volume 7, Issue 3

Bows of the Kalahari Bushmen
48-Year Hunt
The Osage Buck
Port Orford Cedar
Tying Off Your Arrows
Medicine Man: Plantain
Straight as an Arrow
A Stave By Any Other Name
The Arrow - Part One

Volume 7, Issue 4

Bows of the Kalahari
Bamboo Composites
You Can’t Make an Unbacked Bow of Sassafras
Bow Handle Z Splice
The Grayson Collection
Let’s Make Bone Broadheads
Arrow on the Bow
Hunting Rabbits
Medicine Man: Chestnut
Bickerstaffe English Longbows
Cow Horn for Bows
Synergy at Play:A Little Yumi
Our Last Stone Age Man
Full Circle

Volume 8, Issue 1

Medicine Bow
High-Cast Straight Stave Bows
Native American Archery Tackle Roving at Red House
The Enigma of Side Horns
Short Bows, No Stacking
The Arrow on the Workbench
Shopdust: The Paraffin Finish
It Works For Me: Dressing up a PVC bow case
Medicine Man: Pecan
Back Trails: Excerpts from a Bowman’s Journal

Volume 8, Issue 2

The Therapy Bow
An Asian Archery Clinic
The Speed Game
Bone Bellied Composite Bow
A Kinship
Alaska Caribou Hunting
The Red Bow
Crooked Bows
Shopdust: Shop Tips from a Master Boywer
Shopdust: Thinking Glue
Design & Performance: First Time Bow Tips
It Works for Me: Making Your Own Varnish
It Works for Me: Cooking Tips
Medicine Man:Elderberry
Back Trails: Dan Crocker’s Awakening
Back Trails: The MO Bow Meet

Volume 8, Issue 3

The Osage Gobbler
Slate, the Other Stone Arrowhead
A Bowyer’s Tribute to the English Elm
Backyard Bow Woods
Bowmaking 101
Ancestral Anglers
Making an Archer’s Thumb Ring
Book Reviews
The Stove Pipe Steamer
Seeing Bows Bend
Drying Wood
A Son’s First Hunt

Volume 8, Issue 4

More on Bamboo
The Bow from Stellmoor
Late Season Blacktails on Kodiak Island
And You Thought Osage Staves Were Only Expensive!
Before the Bow
MO Jam 2000
Back a Bow with Rawhide
Book Review: Roving Handbook
The Wood Bending Jig
The Principle of Complements
From a Roving Archer’s Journal

Volume 9, Issue 1

First Kill by Billy Berger
Texas Shoot-Out at the Callaghan Ranch by Keven Statwick
The False Arch of Archery by Leonard Wurman
Lumber Yard Gem by Richard Saffold with Rebecca Saffold
For the Birds by Garry Shumacher
Where Spirits Dwell by Rick Williamson

Design and Performance: Backing Bows by Tim Baker
Book Review: Encyclopedia of Native American Bows, Arrows & Quivers, Vol. 1 by Jeff Collins
Medicine Man: Soapberry by T.R. Zimmerman
It Works For Me: Tips From our Readers
Home Shop Helpers by Paul Mazan
Back Trails: Choices by Noelle Naiden

Volume 9, Issue 2

The Monmouth Battlefield Arrows by George Lott
The Pleasure of Process by John Sturtevant
Making Linen-Backed Longbows from Boards by Philip Silva
Our Worst, Successful Hunt by David Hoye
The Old English Warbow, Part One by Pip Bickerstaffe
Maurice Thompson by Cliff Huntington

Shopdust: Reaction Wood: by Dean Torges
It Works for Me: Take-Down Bow Bench by Bob Linksvayer
Medicine Man: Retama by T.R. Zimmermann
Book Reviews: Wild Adventure & The Atlatl
Design and Performance: Bow Wood by Tim Baker
Backtrails: A Love Rekindled by Phil Nichols

Volume 9, Issue 3

The Medieval Fletcher by Chris Jury
The International Horse Archery Festival by K.I. Koppedrayer
Finding, Felling, and Fetching by Cliff Rhodes
New Bows, Stress, and Durability by Paul Comstock
Maurice Thompson, Pt.2 by Cliff Huntington
The All-Bamboo Laminated Bow by Stefan Seitz
Unsolicited Opportunities by John Sturtevant

It Works for Me: Do It Yourself Rawhide by Kevin Statwick
Shopdust: Dimensions of a Hunting Bow by Dean Torges
Medicine Man: Tallow by T.R. Zimmerman
Design and Performance: Bow Wood, Pt.2 by Tim Baker
Reviews: Hunting the Bamboo Backed Bow by Paul Comstock
Backtrails: The Aging Bowhunter by Micky Lotz

Volume 9, Issue 4

The Old English Warbow, Part Two by Pip Bickerstaffe
Bow Talk in Bhutan by K.I. Koppedrayer & Tsewang Nidup
Just a Doe by John Sturetevant
Maurice Thompson, The Man and the Legend, Part III by Clifford Huntington
Bow Building Tools, Old and New by Cliff Rhodes
Hunting with a Vegetarian by Greg Blanchet

From the Technical Side - Comparing Bows by Adam Karpowicz
It Works for Me - Rawhide Bowstring by Mike Yancey
Medicine Man - Sumac by T.R. Zimmermann
Local Interest - Primitive Clubs & Shoots
Reviews - The Heritage of the Longbo
Backtrails - Small Adventures in Bowhunting by Phil Nichols

Volume 10, Issue 1


The Archers of Agincourt - An unsentimental look at the battle by Gene Langston
Hadzabe - The Last Archers of Africa by Emmanuel Martin
MoJam 2001 - The latest report by Keven Statwick
Guaranteed Tactics for Seeing Wildlife by Keith Bishop
Tillering with a Table Saw - A 10-step guide by Phil Silva
The Good Husband - Some of us need this one! by John Sturtevant
Will Thompson - The other Thompson brother by Cliff Huntington
The Old English Warbow, Part III - Final of a three-part series by Pip Bickerstaffe
The Rabbit Hunt - Good things come in furry packages by Bob Krout

It Works for Me - Roving with RATS by Duane Spangler
Medicine Man - Agarita by T.R. Zimmermann
Shopdust - The Squirrel Chronicles by Dean Torges
Backtrails - A Love Rekindled by Phil Nichols

Volume 10, Issue 2


A Pellet Bow from Nepal - Not all bows shoot arrows by K. Koppedrayer & Kumar Rai
Hog Wild Lady Bowhunter - Pretty woman meets ugly, hairy beast by Mickey Lotz
Tips for Gathering Osage - A little goodwill goes a long way by Fred McVey
The Otzi Mystery - Through a mirror, darkly by Gene Langston
Building a Solid Hunting Bow for the First Time - What you need to know for your first bow by Sam Stephens
Selfbows and Bushy Tails - Keep looking forward by Lou Becker
Callaghan 2001 - Pictorial update from hog heaven by Sam Stephens
A Gift From the Gods - The greatest gift is patience by Bill Dayton

It Works for Me: Improvised Survival Points - Some sharp ideas by James Ballou
Master Tracker Series: Using Your Bow to Trail an Animal - First installment of a new series by Ty Cunningham
Medicine Man: Gum Elastic by T.R. Zimmermann
Shopdust: The Squirrel Chronicles: Letters to the City - Dean reports on a squirrely subject by Dean Torges
Backtrails: The Rules - Not all rules have to be written by Winthrop Staples

Volume 10, Issue 3


Junior and the Scorpion King
Mounted Archery from the Ground Up
Egyptian Archery
Desert Rabbit Hunt
Bowyery of the 1930's
A Few Horse Tales
The Otzi Mystery Solved?
Tying Trades

It Works for Me: Two Finger Targets
Master Tracker Series: Eight Rules for Tracking an Animal
Medicine Man: Catawba
Reviews: The Traditional Archery Handbook and Traditional Vision Quest
Backtrails: A Tool of Little Significance

Volume 10, Issue 4


Jigging for Arrows
Primitive Pike
Flintknapping: Today’s Ancient Craft
Some Musings on Japanese Archery
A Bowyer’s Follies
All Tied Up
Rendezvous 2002
Kwaday Dän Ts’inchi

Medicine Man: Creosote
Reviews: Kay’s Thumbring Book and Encyclopedia of Native American Bows, Arrows, & Quivers; Vol. 2
It Works for Me: Using a Pattern to Trim Feathers with Scissors
Master Tracker Series: Understanding the Seven Steps
Backtrails:The Noble Craft:

Volume 11, Issue 1


Death in the Hedges: Poitiers by Gene Langston
Making That Flint Arrowhead by Roger Warmuskerken
Sharpening Broadheads With A File by Dean Torges
Classical Archer by Suzanne Yonker
Burnt Offering by Mark St. Louis
Vine Maple by Curtis Brisky
Leather and Lace by John Sturtevant
Winter Survival Bow by Doug Theiner
Breaking the Slump by Reg Darling

Medicine Man - Hercules’ Club by T.R. Zimmermann
It Works for Me by Mickey “The Ferret” Lotz
Master Tracker Series - Understanding the Seven Steps Using the Key Word T.R.A.C.K.E.R. Part II
by Ty Cunningham
Brotherhood of the Bow
by Kevin Brooks
Poet’s Corner:
New Glow
by Homer Luther

Volume 11, Issue 2


Takedowns for the Frugal Bowyer by Rusty "Trashwood" Craine and Mike "Wingnut" Westvang
Diane Crow Dog: An Elder Talks About Lakota Bows by K.I. Koppedrayer and Mike One Star
A Simple String Keeper by Brian Halblieb
English Archery in the Hundred Year's War by Peter McLaren
Simple Is Good by Mickey Lotz
Bert Grayson, Archery's Historian by Jack Harrison
So Let's Make an Arrowhead by John McPherson
Homemade Arrow Shafts by Keven Statwick

Medicine Man - Buckthorn by T.R. Zimmermann
Primitive Chef - Venison Scaloppini by Bill Campbell
It Works for Me - Using a Guide to Cut the Nock or Point Ends on a Shaft by Cliff King
Bow of the Month - by Don Berg
Me and My Bow - First selfbow by John Mitchell
Master Tracker Series - Understanding the Seven Steps Using the Key Word T.R.A.C.K.E.R.Part II Continued by Ty Cunningham
Backtrails - The Boneyard by John Wiehe
Poet’s Corner: The Gathering by Bryant Wils

Volume 11, Issue 3


Let's Make An Arrowhead, pt.2 by John McPherson
The New England Primitive Skills Gathering by Will Sampson
A Primitive Flax Bowstring by Duane Spangler
Build It And They Will Come by Navio Occhialini
Patching Bow Limbs by Dean Torges
So Ya Wanna Build A Curly Bow? by Dale Yessak

White Holly by T.R. Zimmermann
Primitive Chef - Fajita Meat by Bill Campbell
It Works for Me - Hawaii's Bamboo Arrow by Mike Sakamoto
Bow of the Month - by Don Berg
Master Tracker Series - Understanding the Seven Steps Using the Key Word T.R.A.C.K.E.R.Part III Continued by Ty Cunningham
Backtrails - Too Old To Hunt? by George Henrich
Poet’s Corner: The Tool by Chip Cavin

Volume 11, Issue 4


Let's Make An Arrowhead, pt.3by John McPherson
Lacquered Nodes, Cherry Bark Finishes and Other Things by K.I. Koppedrayer
Horse Archery and Momma by Elizabeth McGhee
Handicapping the Odds by Dean Torges
The vikings by Gene Langston
The Tillering Board by Michael Barham
Splicing Footing Arrows by Bruce Kann

Medicine Man -Wild Black Cherry by T.R. Zimmermann
It Works for Me - The Simple Self Nock by Mickey Lotz
Bow of the Month - by Don Berg
Me and My Bow - Lauren's Bow by Jeff Baugrud
Primitive Chef - Fallen Fowl with Apple Walnut Chutney by Bill Campbell
Master Tracker Series - Who's the World's Best Tracker? by Ty Cunningham
Backtrails - Getting Close by Darren Higgens
Poet’s Corner - Her Woods by Homer Luther

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